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 Prosperity Now:


"I am Prosperous NOW beyond measure in health, wealth, peace and happiness.

I am grateful for all that I am and all that I have. Thank you God!

I am receiving now all the abundance I dream and desire and I know these gifts from The Universe will manifest for me at the perfect time.

I am One with Divine Wisdom, Divine Energy, Divine Intelligence, Divine Love. I am One with God."

Steve Pohlit
Prosperity Messenger.


The Daily Word offers a marvelous picture of the true meaning of Prosperity:

Today's Daily Word - Thursday, January 17, 2008


Divine abundance overflows into every area of my life. Prosperity is mine.

My prosperity is not only about the level of my financial success or the quantity or quality of my material possessions. My experience of prosperity moves beyond the physical to the divine. Gods blessings are endless abundantly evident and available to me at all times and in all circumstances.
God is my source and my substance, and I am divinely supported with all that I need to live a full and prosperous life. Clarity and direction, compassion and forgiveness, peace and serenity, creativity and energy as well as my physical needs and material comforts are mine in abundance. Each of these gifts, and so much more, are here for me now. Divine abundance overflows into every area of my life. Prosperity is mine.

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Prosperity Is The Ability To Fulfill Your Desires With Effortless Ease

This definition is from Deepak Chopra's book the Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. If you are open to the idea that you can fulfill any desire you have, then you are invited to join us in this journey where we pursue the thinking that manifests your desires.

Prosperity Now introduces the The Prosperity Tool Chest as the one resource that when properly used can only have one result: the manifestation of your dreams and desires.

It is your birthright to be healthy, happy, financially prosperous, in fulfilling relationships, having a sense of well being and peace of mind all the time. If your mindset is one of: I don't deserve, or I am not worthy or I must suffer first,  then you owe it to yourself to join this journey.

If you say "but I have a dream wheel and I watch The Secret and I go to church and I read the books and go to classes but I am still not happy with where I am, then please join us. If you think this is "nuts" that "there is no way" or you just are not ready for what is possible, then please return when you are ready to explore.. We will be here for you. " When the student is ready the teacher will appear!"

Just today, I was blessed to be in the place where I could listen to God sing. By the way, God was singing in my chair as well but I was not on the chair in front of the audience - God is smart that way - the people who should be heard singing are on stage. Did you ever notice that? Faith Rivera rocked our world this morning with her voice. She also was a perfect demonstration of prosperity as she affirms she is doing exactly what it is she is supposed to do. Faith told us how for many years she rejected the idea of music. Now you can't get close to the table selling her CD's after hearing her sing. Faith Rivera is just one of many examples of prosperity.

The wonderful Reverend Temple Hayes, minister of First Unity Church of St. Petersburg, Florida, told the story today of being asked what it is she feels she is supposed to do with her life and she answered " I am to live my life out loud" Ladies and gentlemen. this lady lives her life out loud and you can hear her at I Stand for God . You can her more of her when I have more of her and other ministers of Unity on line.

These are prosperous stories. In the first session of this series I will tell you several other prosperous examples one involves the greatest rock and roll group of all time. Please remember, the stories only serve to exemplify what is possible for all of, us not just in an inspirational gathering,  but what is there for us every minute of our life. Yes a rock concert  and many other activities are  included in the definition of inspirational and spiritual gatherings.

This entire Prosperity Now series plan is just in it's infancy. There is the start of the series outline Click Here for the Outline or at least the start of the outline of Prosperity Now.


The following is from I Stand For God and is presented to you here:

I wish for you and for myself to to realize and live with the understanding that I am totally responsible for everything in my life - everything and to live a no-limit life. I Stand for God there are no limits.

The materials and resources at this site along with the weekly meetings are all designed to help us get the points of total responsibility and no limit potentiality.

May you experience the unlimited love, health, happiness and prosperity that are yours for the asking.



The God Within Me Meets, Recognizes and Honors The God Within You.

Prosperity Messenger

 "Bringing Prosperity Roadmap To The Universe"


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