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 Prosperity Now: Commitment


I am prosperous now beyond measure in health, wealth, peace and happiness.

I am Grateful for all that I am and all that I have. Thank you God!

I am Patient for the spiritual and material abundance the Universe is bringing to me. I am ready to receive and I am receiving now all that the Universe is delivering to me.

I am One with Divine Wisdom, Divine Love, Divine Intelligence, Divine Love. I am One with God.

I Stand for God and help those who seek, experience a life filled with blissful feelings.

Steve Pohlit
Prosperity Messenger


Welcome to this session of Prosperity Now. We are NOW moving into the next phase of this series where we examine in depth Universal Laws and Principles for living our lives in bliss and manifesting all that we desire. The structure of the series is still in development. At this point, for this specific topic the structure is:

1. Review of the foundation principles guiding our Prosperity Now Tool Chest.

2. Introduction of a New Tool or a clarification of a tool we have already introduced.

3.Introduction of a Law or a review at a deeper level of a Law  or Principle that is a key that unlocks the door to understanding our potentiality and manifesting that potentiality.

If you attending a live session at this point we will pause and move toward the feeling of diminishing all distractions and opening our energy paths to the gifts that are being delivered when we proceed. If you are reading this, there is a recording of the live session and you are encouraged to meditate and achieve for you what we have for the people in the live session. Isn't the technology that allows us to share this experience with the world marvelous. I encourage you to be grateful for all the tools that help us realize our unlimited potential


Meditation or Relaxing Music


Part 1: The Prosperity Now Tool Chest

There is a foundation to the Prosperity Now Tool Chest. Without this foundation, the Tool Chest may be just another box. The foundation belief is: God, Being, Divine Energy, the Source is infinite and is part of each one of us. As each of us has God within us, we as spiritual beings having a human experience have no limitations.

In the physical plane we have three states: first there is our Divine State. This is the state of God within. Dr. Len in Zero Limits calls this Zero he also explains the paradox of zero which is that the conscious self cannot comprehend zero. This makes sense as we cannot comprehend infinite.

Next we have the state of Inspiration. In the physical plane we have unlimited potential by the connection to our Divine State. Our inspired state is connected to God and we are on purpose. We also manifest all our dreams and desires from the state of Inspiration which is the "direct connect" channel to God. The third state is where we have the most challenges in physical plane and that is our conscious mind. Our ego which we were gifted with along with our Divine Self works on our conscious mind which is opposite of our Divine Self. I believe the ego is the basis for the idea of good vs. evil and sin, condemnation, hell vs. heaven, and all the negative energies like anger, anxiety, stress, fear, hate, etc.

Prosperity Now is all about helping us live in an inspired state. When we live in an inspired state we, our Divine Selves, give no energy to ego and it dissolves. All that is left is bliss.

The third state is memory which is a record of all of our experiences and all of our ancestor experiences. It is also directly connected to our subconscious self and now that is the ultimate tool of the ego. Since we operate at the conscious level and constantly try to rationalize all the events we manifest, we say "how could I possibly be responsible for that or that" The answer I believe lies in the receptors of our subconscious which are millions of times greater than what we absorb at the conscious level which becomes conscious memory.  So normally we look outward for excuses instead of inward for reasons and we are confused.

Prosperity Now is all about clearing the clutter that gives rise to confusion and brings clarity to living an inspired life and not a life of desperation.

There is just one other very important point: Why do any of this? What is the goal you want to manifest from paying attention to any of this?

I believe the goal is peace. It doesn't matter if you want monetary riches, blissful relationships, a self sufficient cave on top of a mountain. I believe that at the soul of what we desire is peace. The peace that comes from being on purpose. Be clear as to the reason you are paying any attention to any of this. When in doubt, and I believe we all have moments of doubt, we remind ourselves of the following that I first heard from Wayne Dyer " You Have Tried Everything Else...Now Try ME" I know for myself that if my plan was working to my satisfaction, I wouldn't be here offering what I have discovered and what I continue to discover.

Clearing The Clutter and The Blockages

The end result is the same and I believe there is no one way to reach it. For me there are very strong feelings about using the way of the Prosperity Now process. If this process makes sense for you, terrific. If not,  then discover the tool that works for you the best. Whatever you use, I suggest the tool should accomplish for you what the Prosperity Now Tool Chest is accomplishing for for me, which is to align the energy of of thought with Divine Wisdom and Love. When in alignment we are inspired to be on purpose - the purpose of being in the physical plane. 

Most of Prosperity Now is about clearing the blockages to all the feelings that we want to manifest...the blockages to our purpose. The reason we spend time on the blockages is because by clearing these blocks we open our energy path to God. We connect to Divine Love and the energy field within that I refer to as our Inspired Self guides us. When we follow this guidance we are on purpose.

It is very important to remember we are all here in the physical plane for a purpose. We are spiritual beings with Divine Energy as our essence, and yet our purpose for being here is our purpose for being here. I believe each one of use has a distinct and unique purpose.  Prosperity Now is all about living on purpose and manifesting all that we desire without limitations.

The Core Tool of Prosperity Now

The Prosperity Journal is the core tool. In addition to the Prosperity Journal there are other support tools including: mediation; practicing The Power of Now; cleaning and creating our experiences in advance; and more. Each one of these and more have been covered in detail or will be covered in detail.

A Summary Review of Using Your Prosperity Journal

1. Start by Listing Your Dreams and Desires without limits
2. Restate your Dreams and Desires as Intentions. At this point is is very important to examine why an intention is important to you. What feelings do you want to have as a result of manifesting each intention.
3. Prioritize your intentions as Commitments. What would you regret not doing or becoming if you were transitioning from the physical plane. Once defined you will be inspired to act.
4. Remind yourself to be detached from the outcome. The specific images we visualize in connection with our dreams and desires often appear exactly as we pictured them. However, God delivers what is best for us and what is delivered may be much greater that we even imagined. Be specific, associate the feelings of your dreams and desires already being here which they are and then let go and let God.
5. Remind yourself to be grateful for all that you are and all   that you have
6. Live within the Dynamic Laws of Prosperity. The primary ones at this point are The Law of Forgiveness and the Law of  Giving and Receiving.
7. Use your Prosperity Journal daily. Intend your day in advance. Align your daily intentions with your list of Dreams and Desires and Commitments.
8. Once a week review your Dreams and Desires and add to the list and note entries that may have decreased in importance to you.

Part 2: Commitment

The idea of adding commitment to Prosperity Now came from the book  FIVE WISHES by Gay Hendricks. Gay finds himself at a party and meeting Ed Steinbrecher. He is described as a spiritual teacher and astrologer. I did a little research on him and there was a man who developed a following with his teachings.

What is really important right now is the understanding that both Gay and Ed were at a party and impatient with the scene as they both did not like engaging in small talk. Ed asked Gay if he would like small talk or big talk. From there Ed said he almost died. Of course this was obviously very big talk. He went on to ask "I stand by your deathbed and look you right in the eyes and ask you, was your life a complete success?"

At this point the book goes much deeper by guiding us to think in terms of a magnificent life how ever each of us defines that. J. Paul Getty who was once the wealthiest man in the world said on his deathbed. "I'd gladly give up all my millions for one experience of marital happiness. If he had been granted a wish that is what he would have wished for."

The book proceeds by Gay Hendricks give us the detail of the FIVE WISHES he developed that night and what happened to him as a result. Please do not get caught up by the number. J. Paul Getty appears to have had one. Others may have three, or 10. What matters is the process.

I believe this ties directly to our dreams and desires. I believe if you examine your dreams and desires closely and think deeply about these dreams and desires, you will arrive at a view of the main reasons why your life is a success or will be a success by following the Prosperity Now process.

FIVE WISHES Exercise: Source

At this point in the live session we are receiving the printout of the FIVE WISHES worksheet that is freely available on line. This worksheet is now an integral part of our Prosperity Journal. Of course it is useless if we don't apply the energy and complete the process.

Assignment: Before the next session, use a section of your Prosperity Journal and complete the FIVE WISHES worksheet. I suggest you start by listing in your journal five reasons why your life has not been a success.

In the book which everyone should read and you will find a link to it at the resource section of Prosperity Now the link is Prosperity Resource Books  Wings bookstore may have restocked it. I am sure a bookstore either has it or can easily get it for you.

Additional Clarity:

One of Gay's wishes that he states in the past tense (this is important because remember you are on your deathbed) was described as follows: " My life was not a total success because I never enjoyed a long and happy marriage with a woman I adored and who adored me. I wish I'd enjoyed a lifelong blossoming of passion and creativity with a woman."

After describing this, Ed then asked why is this important to you? I love that question and it fits perfectly with the suggestion of the feelings we want from the manifestation of our dreams and desires.

After Gay answered the question, Ed then said "Okay, now turn the wish into a goal and put it in the present tense, as if it is happening at this moment." (At this point you should no longer be surprised at the suggestion the feelings that come from your thoughts are focused on those feeling that result from your Dreams and Desires already being manifested.)

This is how Gay restated this wish:

"My life is a total success because I'm enjoying a long and happy marriage with a woman I adore and who adores me. I am enjoying a lifelong blossoming of passion and creativity with her."

Simply note how his wish is restated as being her now for him. There are more wishes as evidenced by the title of the book. Gay writes a chapter of how his life unfolded after he restated five wishes into five goals and took action on each one of them.

To summarize the commitment process:


2. Restate as goals

3. Act upon your goals.

Most people, I believe, who read this book will say " Oh what a marvelous story. I am going to do that FIVE WISHES thing." Then put down the book, never spend a minute more and wonder why their lives of desperation and frustration never change. The people who commit themselves to the Prosperity Now process will do this exercise and their lives will change because they will attract all that they define as important to them. It can be no other way.

In Session 1 we clearly stated we would not ask anyone to read the entries to their prosperity journal. We are holding to that promise. However in order to clarify how to develop your FIVE WISHES goals, in the next session we will open the discussion to your questions about this process. The questions are entirely voluntary and we will draw upon the wisdom of the group to help clarify the FIVE WISHES exercise for anyone wanting that assistance.

I believe anyone who follows the Prosperity Now process that now includes the FIVE WISHES commitment exercise can only experience a marvelous live that is beyond what we dream and desire.


Part 3: Examine a Universal Law

In this session we will explore the Law of Paradoxical Intent. The source of this information is the book Quantum Success by Sandra Anne Taylor. Sandra's work gave me the idea of the Prosperity Now Journal. Every book mentioned in the Prosperity Now series is featured in the Prosperity Resource Books section of the Prosperity Now website.

The Law of Paradoxical Intent has taken me a little time to fully appreciate as it necessary to think in opposite terms. Hopefully for you it will be easier to naturally understand. From Susan's book: "The Law of Paradoxical Intent reflects the Law of Magnetism (Attraction) in warning that you will only get a return on your negative energy. If you are desperate to make something happen, that repulsive vibration with push it away, turning away the very people and situations that might bring your desired outcome. Your desperation therefore creates the paradox - or the opposite - of your original intention, leading you to failure instead of success."

If you are living in desperation, you are not living in happiness. This law ties right into the Law of Detachment and for that reason I am not adding this law to the principles of the Prosperity Now Journal. The Law of Paradoxical Intent further clarifies the Law of Detachment. Our goal is to live in peace, happiness and prosperity now. If we defer these feelings and "embrace misery about tomorrow's uncertainty, you shut down your willingness to receive now."

If you take this literally some might say well "I am going through the difficulty of attending school at night for a degree in a field where I want to work" or "I am putting up with my job so I can feed my family" or "I said until death do us part so I am sticking this out" I am sure you get the idea.

Taken literally, the Law of Paradoxical Intent would suggest in the above examples you don't go to school, quit your job, or leave your spouse. Now some of us may need to do some of those things if we are not on purpose. But I don't believe the Law of Paradoxical Intent is telling us to any of those things. This Law is reminding us that is we live a life of quiet desperation, we are blocking or dreams and desires.

Now let's look at some practical things here so we agree on how to work through periods of quiet desperation.

Step 1. Recognize those areas of your life where you maybe coming from a bit or a lot of desperation. Use your Prosperity Now Journal to make notes as to what areas of your life you may have some desperate thinking.

Step 2. Match up your dreams and desires with that desperation list. Now recognize the areas of desperation is the Law of Paradoxical Intent at work. Recognize that your desperate thinking is blocking you from receiving.

Let's pause and comment on desperate thinking. It is very important to evaluate all areas of your life and expose those area where your thinking is in fact in martyr mode. I am giving up my good now in hopes of receiving it later. You may not realize you have desperate thinking until you examine your belief systems in the areas of health, wealth, relationships,work, spirituality etc.

Step 3. Begin using your daily Prosperity Now Journal entries to remind yourself that you don't need what you desire to be happy and that you are absolutely capable of being happy right now just by changing your state - your thoughts. This is not giving up on your dreams and desires, it is simply releasing the urgency associated with them. Susan details an outstanding example of this in her book when she talks about the experience of being a published author for the first time.

Step 4 Remember we create everything in our lives. It is also true we can release people and things that do not line up with our value system.

Susan summarizes The Law of Paradoxical Intent this way

"The Law of Paradoxical intent points our the underlying paradox of personal achievement: You can get what you want by knowing that you don't need it to be happy! It forces you to shift your focus from desperate intention to a peaceful pursuit. Never send out the energy that you are willing to wait to be happy - just that you are willing to wait for the goal. Needing a particular achievement before you can live with peace and joy creates a desperate energy that is absolute poison to the resonance of success, so be clear about your intentions and fearless in your motivations. Pursue your goals because you want them to enhance an already happy life, not because you'll be miserable without them."

She also writes " Let yourself weave your future with positive energy, creative consciousness and pure intention with no conflicts about all things. Never obsess about one option or solution, and let the desperation go. When your major goal is to live with optimism and trust your other desires will be met."


The following is from I Stand For God and is presented to you here:

I wish for you and for myself to to realize and live with the understanding that I am totally responsible for everything in my life - everything and to live a no-limit life. I Stand for God there are no limits.

The materials and resources at this site along with the weekly meetings are all designed to help us get the points of total responsibility and no limit potentiality.

May you experience the unlimited love, health, happiness and prosperity that are yours for the asking.


Prosperity Messenger



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