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Series Outline:


Prosperity Is The Ability To Fulfill Your Desires With Effortless Ease. The Goal of This Series Is To Learn and To Use Universal Laws To Achieve All That We Desire With No Limits.




The God Within Me Greets and Recognizes The God Within You.

"I am prosperous beyond measure in health, wealth, peace and happiness.

I am one with Divine Wisdom, Divine Love, Divine Energy.

I am one with God.

I Stand For God and help others experience this bliss."

Steve Pohlit
Prosperity Messenger.



You will notice a format change. In past meetings the topics were sequential (Session 1, Session 2 etc)  I felt the importance for this series to transform the organization of the material to definitive topics.

The series Prosperity Now will continue to have a logical sequence. However, I don't want anyone to feel constrained by a numbering system. Each topic will stand on its own. Most topics will be further developed into expanded review and discussion for deeper understanding.

Welcome to the Intention chapter of Prosperity Now.

Appreciation: People, Place, Support

Contact Information of Attendees: name, email address, phone number (cell)

Foundation Principle Review:

The purpose of last week's session was to develop the understanding of the blessings you will receive by building your Prosperity Journal.

This is a summary of the suggested guidance for building your journal:


Step 1 Draw up your wish list. Remember this is the wish list for yourself. What you want for yourself. We can address the goals of an efficient and effective government and world peace in another series. For now this you own personal wish list. It is your list and list your dreams. This is a developing list so as you think of new dreams add them.


Step 2 Turn every item listed into an intention. For example: I intend to have 5 million dollars in 12 months earning 10% a year so that I have time freedom forever. This focus of intention is a very important connector to the Universal Laws. It combines your consciousness with your energy vibrations to create the greatest influences over your personal destiny. 


Step 3  Begin now to Let Go and Let God. God, The Source, delivers a perfect outcome for all of us. The outcome may not be the same as what you intended. The outcome is often so much more than your intention. When you develop your journal, remember "I am receiving now...this or something better according to your will God"  The reason we begin talking about the Law of Detachment at this point is because this series title Prosperity Now can give us the misguided impression that if something we desire does not appear in the physical plane immediately that we are not prosperous. That simply is very far removed from the reality that we are experiencing enormous prosperity every moment. Divine energy is flowing in us an around us all the time. As we live with an "Attitude of Gratitude" the blockages to that energy flow disappear.

Special Effects:  Associate the feelings you want to experience with the desire you want to manifest. For example, if you are manifesting a personal relationship ask yourself why? Is it because the feeling you need to have someone validate your existence? take care of you if you are sick? sex? someone to talk with?  What are the feelings you want that you are not experiencing now that you believe will be satisfied by that relationship not just today but 20 years from now. Once it is clear in you mind, then you are able to define the feelings as your intention for a personal relationship.

The Purpose of Prosperity Now

Do You...

Feel Stuck
At Odds with a relationship
Feeling you need a new project, job, city, church?
Desirous of change?
Feel any disappointment is just another trip into the past?
Feel you could be more energetic, stronger, healthier, happier, more calm, more content?

The goal of Prosperity Now is to understand and apply the Universal Laws of Prosperity Now to live the life of your dreams and we don't, mean nightmares.

Memories and Life Create The Blockages To Our Ability To Manifest Material Good, Energy, Health, Happiness, Peace.

That leads to the focus of Prosperity Now: Prosperity is all about feelings: happiness, health, security, pleasure, is about knowing you are on purpose. Whatever the feelings are that you want to create, they can be created in an instant and last forever.


We are programmed to believe we have limitations. There are none.

We are programmed to believe events and circumstances are random. There are no random events. We attract everything in our life - everything. In a later session we will spend a lot of time on the clutter that accumulates that we are not even aware of and what to do about it.

 We are programmed to place the responsibility happiness on our job, friends, family, spouse, government. We are responsible for our happiness.

We are programmed to place responsibility for our health on our doctors, nurses, hospitals. We are responsible for our health.

We are programmed to place responsibility for our spirituality on our church. We are responsible for our spirituality.

Our Individual Responsibility: Our Church, The Government, Our  Doctors, Our Spouse, Our Family, Our Children, The Weather, Our Job....Anything Outside of Ourselves Is Not Responsible. We, (Me, Myself and I ) Are Totally Responsible and Accountable For Our Happiness and Bliss. Prosperity Now Is All About Showing You How To Achieve Bliss Now.



When you get this - truly get this - your life will be transformed.

Everything in the true sense of the word is made up of vibrating strings of energy. Solid matter ie. a desk, chair, glass, is really composed of pulsating energetic vibrations.

Once you know that along with the fact our thoughts influence this energy, saying I love you to your car, your bed, running water, your toothbrush, your eyebrows, everything we take for granted and need to appreciate makes sense.

When you understand you have the highest speed access line to God, the God in you, in me and in in the energy that makes up everything we experience, and that by clearing the line you manifest whatever you want, your life is transformed.

Divine energy is flowing in us an around us all the time. As we live with an "Attitude of Gratitude" the blockages to that energy flow disappear.


These are the four foundation steps for Prosperity Now...Just four (one was added since Session 1 and more may be added as we go forward. For right now there are four.)

1. What do you desire? Remember your desires can expand and fade. As we go through Prosperity Now you may feel the impulse to change your list. Great, this is your life and your journal and there are no rules.

2. What are your intentions for those desires. For example you may have a desire to be in love. In Prosperity Now we suggest you write this desire as "It is my intention to be in a deep, passionate, caring, respectful, loving relationship with the person who feels the same way about me."

3. Clearly know the feelings you are wanting from your desires. This is a very important point. What we all want are the feelings that develop from our desires manifesting. Once you understand the core feelings you desire from your intentions then you will learn you are able to have those feelings all the time while you may still be waiting for people, material things, and other items on your list of desires to appear for you.

4. Be detached from the outcome. When your intentions are clear and you are on purpose, Let Go and Let God. Your desires are manifest according to the Laws of The Universe and not according to the time on your Rolex or Sun Dial. 


Now We Explore and Examine Intention In-Depth!

"All things whatsoever ye pray and ask for, believe that ye have received them, and ye shall receive them" [Mark 11:24] and this was written about 2,000 years ago. The Law of Intention was recognized much longer before then. "This Stuff Is Not New"

There was another birth along side of Intention (as well as the other Universal Laws which we will examine as this series progresses). The birth of ego and limiting beliefs.

Wayne writes (pg 10) there are six primary ingredients that account for how we experience ourselves as disconnected (from God, from the Source, from Zero).  They are:

I am what I have

I am what I do

I am what others think of me.

I am separate from everyone.

I am separate from all that is missing from my life.

I am separate from God.

The ego with these primary areas of limited beliefs is the primary blockage to manifesting our desires. The ego becomes stronger as we have more life experiences particularly if we did not learn at an early age how to dismiss the limiting beliefs of the ego and clear the blockages to pure energy (God).

Our goal is to begin weakening the strength of the ego by learning how to dispel limiting beliefs and to clean the memories within ourselves and in the energy we encounter. Intention combined with cleaning cannot help but result in us experiencing the manifestation of what we desire.

We cannot manifest our intentions through ego. Think of the last time you were doing something where you lost total track of time. Maybe you were engrossed in a movie, or spending time on a project or with a person you absolutely love. Notice how energy was in control. Your body and mind  were not conducting the activity. You had moved into intent manifestation or was experiencing your "pure potentiality" for that period.

Prosperity Now wants to help of us learn how to go to the place of intention. There we are aligning ourselves with the same energy that turns acorns into oak trees. When we are connected to pure energy, we are in alignment with the God within us. We then consult with our infinite wisdom and are guided to the thoughts and actions that result in manifestation of desires. Remember we are manifesting the feelings of what we desire and let the Universe work. Let Go and Let God.

( At this point some people are uncomfortable with the ideas being presented. This is natural as most of us are programmed to use traditional tools to move forward with a job, career, relationship. This programming is most often from well meaning people who are governed in their lives by ego.

So if you are questioning the principles we are learning ask yourself how well you have been doing following your ego. Personally I love the quote "You have tried everything else, now try Me" 

Of course we are talking about a direct connection to God by clear definition of the feelings we want all the time, eliminating blockages to Divine Energy and respecting God is in all of us which means we are all connected. Oneness is the foundation of the Oneness Blessing a rapidly growing movement around the world and particularly growing fast in Florida.

Personally once I began focusing on intention along with the other Prosperity and Universal Laws we will cover, I began to realize much of what I was doing for Spirit Expressing and now Prosperity Now is flowing from Divine Energy. I am now spending more energy to increasing the portion of my life flowing in sync with Divine Energy and ultimately achieve the picture of living all the time as an expression of Divine Energy, Wisdom and Love. That is why I am developing Prosperity Now. I am developing it for me and I am inviting everyone to join me and add clarity to the process.)

The difference between an acorn and a human is free will. The blessing of free will is that we can focus our energy on connecting with Divine energy and literally alter its direction. We can connect to The Source every second of every day. The moment we think we are making a difference, or we are making change, our ego has won again.

The following is from Session 7 of Spirit Expressing:

Everything you can imagine is possible. It is as simple as 1*2*3

1. Clear definition of our intention,

2.  Lving as if our intension is already manifest (recognize it already is, your physical self simply has not allowed it to appear) and

3.Remove all blockages (cleaning)

There are just two options in learning how to experience the results of 1*2*3:

1: Study the Laws of the Universe supporting the 3 steps and

2: Simply connect to the God within and have faith!


Now before you just sit around and say you have faith and you are waiting for all your visions to manifest, let's be reminded of the Universal Laws of Pure Potentiality, Gratitude, Forgiveness and Detachment. Jesus Christ expressed the Father (God) within by manifesting the power of the field, the divine energy within himself and demonstrated by example what is possible for us. He did this by going deep within himself and sharing his ability to live connected to the source. Way Shower are the words we hear at service. He showed us The Way to bliss - to The Source - To The Field - To God.

The Key

Throughout this series we will be reminded of The Keys to connecting to God and focusing Divine Energy on all that we want:

1. Cleaning (we will review this in-depth next week)

2. Attitude of Gratitude - we simply cannot move from where we are to where we want to be without be completely grateful for where we are and what we experience now.

The following is a marvelous poem:

"The Sun Never Says"

Even after all this time

the Sun never says
to the earth

"You Owe Me"

Look what happens
with a love like that-

it lights the whole world
- Hafiz

Recap To This Point:

The mission of Prosperity Now is to give us very specific tasks to spend energy on that will lead us to experience bliss every moment. The goal is effortless bliss however we define bliss for ourselves. In order to reach the point of effortless bliss we will need to apply focused energy so we can "Direct Connect" with Divine Wisdom, Divine Love. The action steps we have now are:

1. Prosperity Journal: In our first meeting we learned to develop a prosperity journal and there was guidance on how to develop your prosperity journal. There we emphasized the principles of clarifying our dreams and desires as intentions. We developed the idea that our intentions are really about the feelings associated with what we want.

2. The focus from this session is on our ego. It is important to recognize the six defining feelings of ego and when you are evaluating events and feelings consider the force of ego and consider the Divine Energy of Intention. Write the six characteristics of ego in your prosperity journal. Write them one by one on the left side of the page. On the right side of the page write your thoughts on how Divine Wisdom, Divine Intelligence is the answer to the ego tugging at us.

Here they are again:

I am what I have

I am what I do

I am what others think of me.

I am separate from everyone.

I am separate from all that is missing from my life.

I am separate from God.

For example: "I am what others think of me" In response to that ego force, you might write " I am a divine idea in the mind of God. Regardless of what anyone else thinks, I am on purpose and release with love anyone who may not be in alignment with my purpose."  The short version might be " I am on purpose; I love you with attachment and release you to the journey you have chosen."

Let Go and Let God

It is important for us to understand that anything we view as effort means we are  not in alignment with God - Divine Energy, Divine Intelligence. This applies to daily changes in our outlook and circumstance. Every time you feel less than at peace, less than happy, so called stress, stop visualize your intentions; read your journal; remember you are creating whatever it is that you define as causing you less than bliss. Tap into the energy of God and align yourself with Divine Love.

Intention As A Trigger Word

Keep this work in front of your mind's eye (the 6th Chakra). When we are feeling anxious or when we feel the energy around us is moving opposite of the picture we have intended for ourselves, focus on your intention, focus on Divine Wisdom, focus on Divine Love, focus on Pure Energy that is there for you. All the apparent events that are opposite of your intention are a result of ego. Ego will get real powerful to derail your intentions. Real powerful. I suggest adding to your Prosperity Journal a section for your action plan to deal with "Ego Attacks" .

Intention Is The Law of Manifestation

If we are not focused on our intentions then what is our consciousness spending time on? 99.9% of the time our thoughts are somewhere other than the present moment and on our intensions. If you understand The Key which is to appreciate right now what you have to move forward to you intended path and if you understand that our thought energy when in alignment with Divine Energy creates our reality, then for most of us 99.9% of the time we are creating exactly everything it is that we say we don't want or we are feeling less than bliss.

Your Prosperity Journal should include an action plan to stay in the now, appreciate the now and clearly define what is already out there for you to be with you now. Our energy must align with what it is that we want to manifest. That is the only way it works.

Next Week - We will continue to explore intentions in greater depth. The source for much of this material is the book The Power of Intention by Wayne Dyer.



” I live with joyous gratitude and become more and more conscious of all that I have to be thankful for. I take time to appreciate all the wonderful things to be happy about”

" I know that my consciousness creates my reality. I always choose feelings of bliss."

" I am conscious of my resourcefulness, my creativity and my power to create a great destiny"


The following is from I Stand For God and is presented to you here:

I wish for you and for myself to to realize and live with the understanding that I am totally responsible for everything in my life - everything and to live a no-limit life. I Stand for God there are no limits.

The materials and resources at this site along with the weekly meetings are all designed to help us get the points of total responsibility and no limit potentiality.

May you experience the unlimited love, health, happiness and prosperity that are yours for the asking.

Prosperity Messenger

               For New Participants:


What Should You Expect From This Series?

1. You can expect to get what you give - yourself. You are already showing up. You may have already experienced something similar to this series. It is likely you have read about or even received an assignment to prepare a Prosperity Journal. In the past three weeks, four new books have come into my life. Three out of four have every one of the principles in them that we will explore in Prosperity Now. The other one has a story with all the principles we will explore. So why bother if this material is available in the books and tapes and other lectures? First you don't have to bother. It is up to you. I am doing this for me and if you and millions of others like it, that is wonderful. In the last series here is what happened. People came together and personally I didn't know any of them. Friendships were formed. Amazing stories were shared. The energy rocked the room and we were not the same as when we started. You will not be the same as when we started. The change will be in your cells forever.

2. You will learn how to manifest anything you want - manifest the feelings associated with anything you want. You will have the tools. I have a tool box in my closet. Those tools can build new things, repair existing things or sit there idle. For me I have those tools and I assure you they are idle. I have no desire to demonstrate competence in using those tools. On the other hand I am mastering the tools of prosperity. The choice is up to you.

3. You will understand and begin to live the foundation Principles of Prosperity Now. I mentioned this earlier and wrote an article about it which is published at The article is titled "Use The Key To Unlock The Secret" The idea is from Joe Vitale's book The Key. Step 1 in your assignment is to make your list of desires. Remember this is a private list. I suggest you don't begin this list on page one of your journal. Instead I recommend you use page one to alert any one finding your journal that this book is personal and important to you. If it is returned you will give them $100.00 Now back to this step and here is the most important wisdom you can gain from tonight's session in my view: You are at Point A.....Your Desires are at Point B. You cannot move from Point A to Point B unless you appreciate everything at Point A. You cannot!! Begin appreciation begin an attitude of gratitude for all people, things, weather, pets  - everything.


If you are interested in reading the notes from Spirit Expressing, the seven week series that gave birth to the idea of Prosperity Now,  you will find them HERE.

Questions: It is likely that you have many questions about Prosperity Now about manifestation, The Secret, Law of Attraction and more. We have about an hour each week. Please keep your questions focused on the topic we are covering. If you have pressing questions, please call me or email me and as appropriate I will bring those to the group.

Others Who Are Interested in Prosperity Now

New people can come at any time. Please let us know in advance by visiting Join Us and registering by email You will find the theme of most weeks fairly self contained. Plus previous weeks' messages can be found and reviewed along with the recordings of each session at
Prosperity Now. 





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