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Prosperity Is The Ability To Fulfill Your Desires With Effortless Ease. The Goal of This Series Is To Learn and To Use Universal Laws To Achieve All That We Desire With No Limits.




The God Within Me Greets and Recognizes The God Within You.

"I am Prosperous Now beyond measure in health, wealth, peace and happiness.

I am one with Divine Wisdom, Divine Love, Divine Energy.

I am one with God.

I Stand For God and help others experience this bliss."

Steve Pohlit
Prosperity Messenger.


The Purpose and Goal of Prosperity Now

Do You...

Feel Stuck
At Odds with a relationship
Feeling you need a new project, job, city, church?
Desirous of change?
Feel any disappointment is just another trip into the past?
Feel you could be more energetic, stronger, healthier, happier, more calm, more content?

The goal of Prosperity Now is to understand and apply the Universal Laws of Prosperity Now to live the life of your dreams and we don't, mean nightmares.

Memories and Life Create The Blockages To Our Ability To Manifest Material Good, Energy, Health, Happiness, Peace.

That leads to the focus of Prosperity Now: Prosperity is all about feelings: happiness, health, security, pleasure, is about knowing you are on purpose. Whatever the feelings are that you want to create, they can be created in an instant and last forever.

We are programmed to believe we have limitations. There are none.

We are programmed to believe events and circumstances are random. There are no random events. We attract everything in our life - everything.

 We are programmed to place the responsibility happiness on our job, friends, family, spouse, government. We are responsible for our happiness.

We are programmed to place responsibility for our health on our doctors, nurses, hospitals. We are responsible for our health.

We are programmed to place responsibility for our spirituality on our church. We are responsible for our spirituality.

Our Individual Responsibility: Our Church, The Government, Our  Doctors, Our Spouse, Our Family, Our Children, The Weather, Our Job....Anything Outside of Ourselves Is Not Responsible For Our Happiness, For Our Prosperity. We, (Me, Myself and I ) Are Totally Responsible and Accountable For Our Happiness and Bliss. Prosperity Now Is All About Showing You How To Achieve Bliss - All The Time!!




It is very important when joining us in the exploration of the Law of Manifestation to appreciate that what we are truly after is the feelings associated with our dreams and desires.

Our egos are starting to work in overdrive now telling us we are inadequate unless we manifest money, cars, relationships, homes, new careers etc. We respond by ignoring the ego, by not fueling the energy of the ego. We do that by honoring God within us and continually improving our direct connection to the God within us.

We know by clearing the pipeline that is our direct connect to the God within that we are tapping our Divine Wisdom, Divine Intelligence, Divine Love and when we do there are no limits to what we manifest.

Welcome! We establish clarity in this session with how our intentions are linked to The Law of Manifestation.

Appreciation: People, Place, Support

Contact Information of New Attendees: name, email address, phone number (cell)

Mediation For Cleaning

Intentions Review:

The second step in developing your prosperity journal is to expand your list of dreams and desires by restating them as intentions. Recently I was explaining this to my daughter and used one of her dreams as an example. She wants to be a Veterinarian. I suggested she restate that desire into a statement like " I intend to be Dr. Pohlit, Veterinarian and I am committed to doing what is required to be an excellent doctor serving animals and those who love them.

Law of Manifestation

Your energy arrives before your physical self shows up. If you are peaceful, calm, content and you feel this way about going to the next room, to work, to a concert, wherever it is that you are taking your physical self then that energy will be there when you arrive.

We are always sending energy out to the Universe and this energy is driven by thought.

The Law of Manifestation says that we can only attract the same kind of energy that we transmit. Now that you have this information you will benefit by having a section in your prosperity journal where you start tracking what you are thinking about.

Even the people who understand this Law spend almost all of there time thinking random thoughts. If it is your intention to have the comfortable feeling of being financially prosperous then you need to be sending out the right energy to the Universe. The right energy is "now energy". If you transmit your intentions as arriving in the future, they may never show up since you are always thinking in the future tense. Think, act and feel you intensions manifested now.

I believe there is only one energy source in the physical plane and that is thought. Our thought determine our emotional state and our physical actions. It is important to remember that we have conscious and subconscious energy fields. Since our subconscious self is an energy field that picks up and transmit millions times more data than our conscious self it is also important to "clean" this energy channel.

The energy of conscious intention transmitted by focused thought is absorbed by the subconscious and our intention is reinforced by the duality of the conscious and subconscious self.

Simply stated we need to "clean the crap" absorbed by the subconscious self while we strengthen the quantity and quality of thought energy devoted to our intensions. When we send out clear energy regarding the feelings we want reinforced by the manifestation of our intentions the Universe by the nature of Divine Energy responds.

Divine energy is flowing in us an around us all the time. As we live with an "Attitude of Gratitude" along with Loving our Divine self and forgiving our Divine Self the blockages to that energy flow disappear. Write this down in your prosperity journal and write it on a note card that you carry with you and say these phrases with meaning to your Divine Spirit. Use these all the time. Your are "cleaning the pipes" of all that the energy of others and things have absorbed so you easily be connected to your Divine Source. When connected in this way - THERE ARE NO LIMITS.

To Your Divine Self; To God Within Yourself

I Love You
I Am Sorry
Please Forgive Me
Thank You

In the session on Intentions, we reviewed six very prominent limiting thoughts. Please don't get caught up on the numbers. Whether it is 3, 6 or some other number we are talking about the most common threads of limiting thoughts and  negative energy. Of all the limiting thoughts, fear may well be the most intense. The three most common negative thoughts are:

fear of the future
fear of failure
fear of rejection

"All Fear Is Toxic To The Energy of Manifestation" When fearful thoughts are predominant, what do you think is the result? Correct! You manifest situations and events that you were in fear of.

"We move in the direction of our current dominant thought!" Just ask a young person  with hormones raging what they are thinking about and what are they acting on.

Fear is more powerful than sex as energy that directs our actions or lack of actions. Most often it is a lack of action.

I am not going to this event because I don't have the right clothes.

I will not join this activity because people will think I am crazy. 

If I don't stay in this job I will not have the money I need to pay my bills.

What if my spouse leaves me?

What if I get fired?

Intentions and The Law of Manifestation

If we are not focused on our intentions then what is our consciousness spending time on? 99.9% of the time our thoughts are somewhere other than the present moment and on our intensions. If you understand The Key which is to appreciate right now what you have to move forward to you intended path and if you understand that our thought energy when in alignment with Divine Energy creates our reality, then for most of us 99.9% of the time we are creating exactly everything it is that we say we don't want or we are feeling less than bliss.

Your Prosperity Journal should include an action plan to stay in the now, appreciate the now and clearly define what is already out there for you to be with you now. Our energy must align with what it is that we want to manifest. That is the only way it works.

In your prosperity journal list your fears. Again you can add to or delete items on this list at anytime. For each fear write your corresponding options that will change your options. Writing these out is not enough, you need to use those tools when your ego is bring fear to the forefront.

Here is an example: let's say you have to lead a meeting, make a presentation to city counsel, be interviewed on TV, give a speech, develop and lead a group on the topic of Manifesting Prosperity Now and you have a fear of speaking in public or outside of a casual setting with people you know. Every one is different. However years ago I had to get over it. I knew I would be leading meetings, addressing large groups of people and more. I found that the more I was prepared the more confident I was. The more confident I was, the better I served the people I was addressing. Candidly I am resurrecting my public speaking skills with Spirit Expressing and Prosperity Now.

Here is another example the fear of being fired. I have been fired several times. Once as an employee and several other times in the middle of consulting projects. Guess what I am still here and have a few bucks. The sky didn't fall and my world didn't end.

What if my spouse leaves me? Guess what that has happened and the sky didn't fall and the world didn't end.

Get this lesson: most of your fears never manifest and cannot manifest if you take away their energy. Invoke your  options for restoring blissful thinking whenever your fears begin to come alive. If you are like me there are a few years of learning to fuel fear. Reversing that may take a little time as measured by humans. It takes no time as measured by God.


Let's Pause And Review The Foundation of Prosperity Now.....


 These are six foundation steps for Prosperity Now... (one was added for the Session on Intentions and one is added in this session. More may be added as we go forward. For right now there are six.) These form the structure for your prosperity journal. As we progress you are given suggestions for related energy to add to your journal.

1. What do you desire? Remember your desires can expand and fade. As we go through Prosperity Now you may feel the impulse to change your list. Great, this is your life and your journal and there are no rules.

2. What are your intentions for those desires. For example you may have a desire to be in love. In Prosperity Now we suggest you write this desire as "It is my intention to be in a deep, passionate, caring, respectful, loving relationship with the person who feels the same way about me."

3. Clearly know the feelings you are wanting from your desires. This is a very important point. What we all want are the feelings that develop from our desires manifesting. Once you understand the core feelings you desire from your intentions then you will learn you are able to have those feelings all the time while you may still be waiting for people, material things, and other items on your list of desires to appear for you.

4. Be detached from the outcome. When your intentions are clear and you are on purpose, Let Go and Let God. Your desires are manifest according to the Laws of The Universe and not according to the time on your Rolex or Sun Dial. 

5. Look at your list and assign an A or a 1 to the most important. Use A,B,C or 1,2,3 as your ranking system. Generally 20% of your list should be ranked an A. So if your dreams and desires list has 10 items, 2 would be A's. When considering your scoring review your list from the point of view of how would you feel if you know your life was coming to an end and right about the time you thought you were leaving the physical plane you were given a second chance. What would you make sure you took action on. Maybe there is something that needs to be said or reconciled, maybe you know you should be in a different career or relationship. Think deep about your dreams and desires and identify where you are blocking the energy. Then for the most important areas make a COMMITMENT to that action you have identified.

6. THE KEY: Attitude of Gratitude - we simply cannot move from where we are to where we want to be without be completely grateful for where we are and what we experience now. In your journal write what you are grateful for and remind yourself when you are detailing your intentions to be grateful for everything in your life, what you touch, see, feel, smell, and all the energies that are received by your subconcious.


Our Intentions Are Powerful

"All things whatsoever ye pray and ask for, believe that ye have received them, and ye shall receive them" [Mark 11:24] and this was written about 2,000 years ago. The Law of Intention was recognized much longer before then. "This Stuff Is Not New"

In the first review of Intentions we discussed in depth how our ego works to diffuse all that we are becoming using the Laws of The Universe as our foundation; Cleaning the Direct Path To God Within Us and All.

Earlier we reviewed how fear works to derail our progress. Fear is a product of our ego. The more we are successful in removing the energy from ego, the more we are able to live with prosperity in all areas of our lives all the time. We are able to manifest whatever we want in support of the feelings we want to have.

We are asked to restate our dreams and desires as intensions. Here are some examples that demonstrate the power of clear specific intentions:

My goal of having a new job will really make me happy.

I have the power to make myself happy all the time.

 I have to hurry to make this happen. I can't stop working on this until everything is okay.

I have the power to create al these positive emotions and experiences even now. I can choose trust right away and let go of fear.


Do you see we are removing the energy associated with limited ego driven thinking and fueling the energy of unlimited potential which is the energy we have in us - God in us - Spirit - The Source - Zero - The Field.

We have said we cannot manifest our intentions through ego. Don't just accept this statement. Read the above comments and feel the difference in your energy when you read a limiting thought and then read the unlimited thought. Then ask yourself what do you believe and what are you committing yourself to do.  

Remember the goal is live your life with the thoughts that will manifest prosperity for you now. Studying, writing in your journal, joining groups are tools for change. We are here to change the energy flowing through us and to the Universe to 100% purposeful energy all the time.

Intension Developing Exercise For Your Prosperity Journal:

1. Write your intentions for the day and reflect on those intensions. Feel your life unfolding that day exactly as you intend it. Feel yourself being happy and peaceful even when your subconscious throws curve balls at you.

2. Set a schedule where you pause for a few minutes throughout the day and reflect on your intentions. Setting a schedule is so important because many of us get very busy and distracted. The day is gone before we realize we did not remind ourselves how we really want to be thinking and feeling.

3. List 3-5 everyday routine task that you to start and outline how you will develop a very positive intention toward them. For example: driving to work, shopping for groceries, cleaning your living space, doing laundry (you have the idea) Think of the benefit of doing these tasks. Focus on how you can enjoy them.

4. Create the intention for your evening activities: write how you intend to use the time before sleeping. The write your intention for sleeping soundly, waking up relaxed, refreshed, enthusiastic, looking forward to a day filled with manifesting your intentions.

A Weekly Prosperity Journal Exercise

A. Evaluate your intentions. Be sure they are focused on the feelings you want to create. Be alert to intentions based on fear.

B. Write affirmations, notes in the margin, comments at the beginning or end of a page to remind yourself:

- God is in you and all of us

- God is Divine Wisdom, Divine Intelligence, Divine Love and when we connect to God there are not limits.

 - Let Go and Let God - our ego's want it all and want it now. We have it all and have it NOW in the form of energy and feelings. We simply need to use these tools to help us. Everything is God's timetable not ours.

- Your Prosperity Journal should include notes, reminders, actions to help you stay in the now, appreciate the now. It is true our Prosperity Journal is a tool to help us clearly define what is already out there for us and to help us manifest the feelings associated with anything physical that we want now. When our energy aligns with what it is that we want to manifest Divine Energy delivers. It is the only way it can work.


A Reminder To Help Us That Comes From Session 7 of Spirit Expressing:

Everything you can imagine is possible. It is as simple as 1*2*3

1. Clear definition of our intention,

2.  Living as if our intension is already manifest (recognize it already is, your physical self simply has not allowed it to appear) and

3.Remove all blockages (cleaning)

There are just two options in learning how to experience the results of 1*2*3:

1: Study the Laws of the Universe supporting the 3 steps and

2: Simply connect to the God within and have faith!


Before you just sit around and say you have faith and you are waiting for all your visions to manifest, let's be reminded of the Universal Laws of Pure Potentiality, Gratitude, Forgiveness and Detachment. Jesus Christ expressed the Father (God) within by manifesting the power of the field, the divine energy within himself and demonstrated by example what is possible for us. He did this by going deep within himself and sharing his ability to live connected to the source. Way Shower are the words we hear at service. He showed us The Way to bliss - to The Source - To The Field - To God.

- Hafiz


Next Week - We will review what we have covered. The reason you don't want to miss this session is I will be delivering a very special guide that will help you focus on each one of the principles we have explored to this point. This will help all of us tremendously in our journey toward manifesting all we desire now.


” I live with joyous gratitude and become more and more conscious of all that I have to be thankful for. I take time to appreciate all the wonderful things to be happy about”

" I know that my consciousness creates my reality. I always choose feelings of bliss."

" I am conscious of my resourcefulness, my creativity and my power to create a great destiny"

" Through my own energy, I have the power to make my life better in every way. I know that as I choose to create healthier, happier thoughts and emotions, I will attract even more prosperous results."

"I am Prosperous Now beyond measure in health, wealth, peace and happiness.

I am one with Divine Wisdom, Divine Love, Divine Energy.

I am one with God.

I Stand For God and help others experience this bliss.

Steve Pohlit
Prosperity Messenger "


The following is from I Stand For God and is presented to you here:

I wish for you and for myself to to realize and live with the understanding that I am totally responsible for everything in my life - everything and to live a no-limit life. I Stand for God there are no limits.

The materials and resources at this site along with the weekly meetings are all designed to help us get the points of total responsibility and no limit potentiality.

May you experience the unlimited love, health, happiness and prosperity that are yours for the asking.

Prosperity Messenger

               For New Participants:


What Should You Expect From This Series?

1. You can expect to get what you give - yourself. You are already showing up. You may have already experienced something similar to this series. It is likely you have read about or even received an assignment to prepare a Prosperity Journal. In the past three weeks, four new books have come into my life. Three out of four have every one of the principles in them that we will explore in Prosperity Now. The other one has a story with all the principles we will explore. So why bother if this material is available in the books and tapes and other lectures? First you don't have to bother. It is up to you. I am doing this for me and if you and millions of others like it, that is wonderful. In the last series here is what happened. People came together and personally I didn't know any of them. Friendships were formed. Amazing stories were shared. The energy rocked the room and we were not the same as when we started. You will not be the same as when we started. The change will be in your cells forever.

2. You will learn how to manifest anything you want - manifest the feelings associated with anything you want. You will have the tools. I have a tool box in my closet. Those tools can build new things, repair existing things or sit there idle. For me I have those tools and I assure you they are idle. I have no desire to demonstrate competence in using those tools. On the other hand I am mastering the tools of prosperity. The choice is up to you.

3. You will understand and begin to live the foundation Principles of Prosperity Now. I mentioned this earlier and wrote an article about it which is published at The article is titled "Use The Key To Unlock The Secret" The idea is from Joe Vitale's book The Key. Step 1 in your assignment is to make your list of desires. Remember this is a private list. I suggest you don't begin this list on page one of your journal. Instead I recommend you use page one to alert any one finding your journal that this book is personal and important to you. If it is returned you will give them $100.00 Now back to this step and here is the most important wisdom you can gain from tonight's session in my view: You are at Point A.....Your Desires are at Point B. You cannot move from Point A to Point B unless you appreciate everything at Point A. You cannot!! Begin appreciation begin an attitude of gratitude for all people, things, weather, pets  - everything.


If you are interested in reading the notes from Spirit Expressing, the seven week series that gave birth to the idea of Prosperity Now,  you will find them HERE.

Questions: It is likely that you have many questions about Prosperity Now about manifestation, The Secret, Law of Attraction and more. We have about an hour each week. Please keep your questions focused on the topic we are covering. If you have pressing questions, please call me or email me and as appropriate I will bring those to the group.

Others Who Are Interested in Prosperity Now

New people can come at any time. Please let us know in advance by visiting Join Us and registering by email You will find the theme of most weeks fairly self contained. Plus previous weeks' messages can be found and reviewed along with the recordings of each session at
Prosperity Now. 





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