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More Powerful Than All Other Universal Laws, The Secret, Meditation ..The Universal Law of Unconditional Love will immediately transform your life if you let it.


Unconditional Love is the Divine Energy driving all existence. God is Unconditional Love and the Divine Essence of God is within each of our cells - every one. The Divine Essence of God is within all matter.

We can send unconditional love from the essence of God within us to the essence of God in anyone and everyone. When our energy path is clear and we transfer unconditional love to a person, situation, place or event we are sending that energy to the essence of God within. We may or may not notice the immediate change. There is an immediate impact. When we monitor the change one will be immediately evident - the impact on the sender - us.

In this session we go deeper into the power of the Universal Law of Unconditional Love. Until this point I have not ever devoted three sessions to any one topic. I am completely convinced this topic deserves all the attention we can give.  

Prosperity Now

Welcome to Prosperity Now. This program teaches you the exact steps to manifest all that you dream and desire. This is February 2008 and the only investment is your time and commitment. Prosperity Now has deep roots in our belief of Divine Love and the Essence of God in all of us. The power of this Essence is available to all who learn to align their consciousness and then shift to this new consciousness.

Please send blessings of thanks to our host.

Before we continue to examine the Universal Law of Unconditional Love, let's read the Prosperity Now Program Affirmation  remembering the goal is not the affirmation... but the transformation of our life to where we are experiencing all the feelings associated with what you dream and desire. 

             Prosperity Now Affirmation

I am Prosperous NOW beyond measure in health, wealth, peace and happiness.

I am grateful for all that I am and all that I have. Thank you God!

I am receiving now all the abundance I dream and desire.

I know this abundance wants me and is delivered to me at the perfect time.

I am One with Divine Wisdom, Divine Energy, Divine Intelligence, Divine Love. I am One with God.

I Stand for God and help those who seek, experience this bliss.

Steve Pohlit
Prosperity Messenger


If you are attending a live session we will now pause and move toward the feeling of diminishing all distractions and opening our energy paths to the gifts that are being delivered when we proceed. An idea for you to focus on for this meditation is that by accepting and sending the Law of Unconditional Love you are changing your immediate and extended environment. As Margaret Meade said: "Never underestimate the power of a small group of people to change the world". If you are reading this, there is a recording of the live session. You are encouraged to meditate and achieve for yourself what those in attendance are experiencing.


Only One Possible Outcome

There is only one possible outcome as a result of following the Prosperity Roadmap that includes The Prosperity Tool Chest - you will manifest all your dreams and desires as you visualize them or even better.


All of The Universal Laws And Tools Are Powerful and Valuable

In the physical plane all the tools we have are needed. So while Unconditional Love is discussed as the most powerful, the real power comes from the use of all the tools. There is a synergistic effect. What this means is when you are using more than one of the tools you experience a multiplier effect.

For example, you read a story about a crime. Your immediate reaction is driven by your ego and you judge the incident as wrong. Then you realize that you don't want to be in a past consciousness state. Use the thoughts directed to the essence of God within: I Love You, I Am Sorry, Please Forgive Me, Thank You. Then send unconditional love to the essence of God at the source of the incident you read about. Two very powerful forces are activated when you do this. First you are strengthening the flow of Divine Energy within yourself and you are focusing the energy of unconditional love on the essence of God in another person or event. In this example we have used The Law of Forgiveness and The Law of Unconditional Love

The following is repeated from an earlier session and is from the book Manifest Your Destiny by Wayne Dyer

"There is no greater power in heaven or on earth than pure unconditional love....You may feel infinitely worthy of attracting to yourself material and spiritual prosperity, but if you are not living the way of unconditional love you are interfering with your ability to manifest in your life. In order to be divinely aligned with this universal infinite energy, you must become unconditional love."

Please understand we are not examining the physical emotion of love for another. We are talking about the physical and spiritual feeling and energy of love for our indwelling God being sent to the indwelling God of another. This is love of God for all  by the God within. This is literally recognizing and acknowledging the God within all. This is the living of the word Namaste - the God in me acknowledges and honors the God in you. Here is a new version of the meaning Namaste. "The God in me unconditionally recognizes, honors and loves the God in you." (Prosperity Messenger)

For those who choose to send Unconditional Love to yourself and to all, you will make the transition from one who takes what life presents to one who becomes a co-creator of your life - you are co-creating your life with God.

Unconditional Love To Ourselves and To All Others Is Easy. The Following Is a Suggestion of How to Think About It:

A foundation belief of those of us participating in The Prosperity Now program is that Divine Wisdom, Divine Love, The Source, The Field, God is the essence of all that has been, all that is and all that will be. It is natural to unconditionally love Divine Love with this belief system. Once you are there with this belief then it is also easy to have unconditional love for Divine Love that is the essence of everything outside of ourselves even in the most negative of people and events.

We are transforming ourselves and the universe when we have unconditional love for all outside of ourselves. This transformation occurs with the energy of unconditional love being strengthened by sending the energy of our thoughts and feelings of unconditional love outside of ourselves along with the intention of essence of God to begin breaking through the dark clouds of negativity that are causing events and actions that are opposite the life intended when we are in alignment with the Universal Laws of Prosperity including Unconditional Love.

Another reminder from Wayne Dyer that was presented in an earlier session:

"Unconditional love is the ultimate solution for the mystery of life. It may appear simple, but it is so powerful that it will shake you free of your ego domination...Until we learn to transcend the ego we continue to contribute to the insanity that we witness in the world."

Detach from what you are experiencing and become an unconditional loving observer in those situations that would normally cause you to go into a state of judging and most importantly a negative emotion state.

Action Items for Your Prosperity Tool Chest: Work on These And Let The Magic Show Begin:

Become committed to transforming your life to a new consciousness. Daily intend to be unconditional love which you are already. Allow it to manifest.

Intend to detach from what you observe particularly when those experiences are obviously driven by the ego. God does not judge and we are meant to be an example of living the Universal Laws of Prosperity. In exchange we manifest all that we dream and desire - it is the only possible outcome.


We can apply the Law of Unconditional Love to every one of our life situations. The degree to which we are successful in doing this is directly proportional to the attention and importance we place on this consciousness. Personally I cannot think of a higher priority.

Wayne writes that if you are operating as a Being of Unconditional Love you are not involved in any ego concerns. When you operate from this perspective you are practicing detachment in a state of gentleness, which makes you a compassionate witness toward everyone and everything you come into contact with. It is magical to be able to extend this kind of consciousness beyond your form."  This is cracking the secret of how to connect and know God.

"The process of being a detached observer occurs in the silence of your contemplations or meditations. Begin by seeking out time to be quiet and enter this inner place (inner sanctuary) of love. It is in the silence that you will come to truly know this divine energy of unconditional love."...."Let go of the inclination to judge and moralize and take personally what you notice. You are then aligning yourself with God."

Is There An Appropriate Time To Judge? 

Divine Intelligence does not judge. Our ego is the source of judgment so you decide. When we are evaluating alternatives and these may be the food we eat, clothes we wear, a person we spend time with...everyday navigational choices our goal is to be in an inspired state. We are allowing the wisdom of God to flow through us and guide us.

This new state of consciousness will be automatic once we deprogram our ego driven state of consciousness. This is where The Prosperity Tool Chest plays a major role. We use this to focus our attention on the being within that is our Devine Consciousness. This is not hard. It simply requires a commitment, action, focus and being easy on yourself. Our ego driven consciousness has been programmed within our physical self for a long time. We are replacing this programming with a new consciousness and are actually doing it rather quickly. Personally I have experienced dramatic shifts in two months and my new consciousness is part of me an increasingly percentage of every day. The speed of change isn't what is important. You awareness of what is possible and your commitment to achieve your pure potentiality including all that you dream and desire is key.

The Link of Unconditional Love to Manifestation

We now know unconditional love is the essence of God. This essence is energy that resides and flows through us throughout the Universe. When we have a negative reaction of any kind that is the result of judging and  our ego is winning. By focusing on Being unconditional love the unconditional love that is our Being, we remove the blockages. When we remove the blockages, Divine Energy is flowing back to us with our dreams and desires manifest exactly as they should be and exactly at the perfect time as defined by God not us. Affirm with your dreams and desires list "This or something better thank you God in advance of this manifestation."

Specifically how do we do that?  You already know. We have been reviewing the number one resource for removing blockages and connecting to the energy that manifests in the physical plane our dreams and desires - our Prosperity Tool Chest. In our Prosperity Tool Chest we now focus on being unconditional love. Again, eing unconditional love means not judging. When we judge our ego is winning. Focus  on transforming your consciousness to a state of not judging. Focus on sending the energy of unconditional love to the essence of God in all. 

How Do You Send The Energy of Unconditional Love?

Most often silently express with deep feeling the words I love you. You are addressing  the Divine Essence within that person or situation coming from the Divine Essence within your source.

In a prior session we reviewed sending positive energy before you arrive and continuing to send unconditional love energy when you arrive. This process is clearing the negative energy that may be present from the people you are meeting the building you are going to be in, the chair you may be sitting in,  in the food you may be eating and the information that may be exchanged.

From Dr. Len in Zero Limits say with heartfelt meaning to the essence of God within yourself

I am sorry
Please forgive me
I love you
Thank you

How does addressing the essence of God within yourself in advance of being at a place or with a person open the Divine energy when you are there? Where we are at now is a result of a previous thought. So what we are doing is reconditioning the energy that has already been created by thought. Reconditioning that energy with unconditional love which is removing the blockages or negativity of the situation if there is any.

What is happening if we follow this process and we still experience negative people or situations? First we know to become the observer and not the judge. Everything is what it is when you are there. If it is not as you imagined or imaged then unseen forces are at work and simply continue sending unconditional love and don't fuel the energy of anything that would normally bother you.

Concluding the Series On Unconditional Love 

We are blessed with Divine Wisdom manifest in the enlightened words of many teachers. Dr. Wayne Dyer is excellent because his work is understood and appreciated by large numbers of people. Years of study and advanced degrees are not required to understand Wayne. This session closes with select information from the subtitle Unconditional Love As Power:

"Those who seem to have the gift of attracting to themselves all manner of good things in their lives are said to be empowered in some mysterious way. The ability to reach a higher state of being, where there seems to be almost no delay between the creation of a thought form and having that thought form "show up" can be viewed in terms of unconditional love and an absence of demanding from or judging the world.

This is a power that I know is possible for each of us when we begin to adopt these basic principles of spiritual manifestation. Most of us simply do not recognize how truly powerful we are by virtue of our own ability to create thoughts, and out of these thoughts attract to ourselves the abundance of the universe.

....Destiny is not preordained. Destiny is ordained totally by you. Every single moment of your NOW existence is a result of your previous thought.....You can and do manifest your destiny.

.....You free will is your gift of unconditional love. You create your destiny with this free will...."

Join me Your Prosperity Messenger in a commitment to use our free will to reconnect with the God within us and to be unconditional love.


The Prosperity Tool Chest:

The Prosperity Tool Chest is designed to help us live lives of inspiration and not desperation.

In the physical plane we have three states: first there is our Divine State. This is the state of God within. The same Divine Energy that is The Field, is in every cell of our physical self.

Next we have the state of Inspiration. In the physical plane we have unlimited potential by the connection to our Divine State. When our inspired state is connected to God and we act on that inspiration and we know we are on purpose. We also manifest all our dreams and desires from the state of Inspiration which is the "direct connect" channel to God. In the state of Inspiration Divine Energy responds to our thoughts. It is very important to understand and have faith in that our future is created by our current thoughts.

The third state is where we have the most challenges in the physical plane and that is our mind and memory both conscious memory and subconscious memory. Our ego which we were gifted with along with our Divine Self works on our conscious mind which is opposite of our Divine Self. I believe the ego is the basis for the idea of good vs. evil and sin, condemnation, hell vs. heaven, and all the negative energies like anger, anxiety, stress, fear, hate, etc.

Prosperity Now is all about helping us to live in an inspired state which is our birthright. When we live in an inspired state we give no energy to ego and it dissolves. All that is left is our inspired self and bliss.. The Prosperity Tool Chest is our guidance system to living inspired, living on purpose.

The third state includes memory which is a record of all of our experiences and all of our ancestor experiences. The is conscious memories and subconscious memory. Memory is the ultimate tool of the ego. Since we operate at the conscious level and constantly try to rationalize all the events we manifest, we say "how could I possibly be responsible for this or that" The answer I believe lies in the receptors of our subconscious which are millions of times greater than what we absorb at the conscious level which becomes conscious memory.  So normally we look outward for excuses instead of inward for reasons and we are confused.

When we develop our own Prosperity Tool Chest we are clearing the clutter that gives rise to confusion and brings clarity to living an inspired life and not a life of desperation.

I now know without a doubt that the key for me in using the Prosperity Tool Chest is to help me focus on the areas of energy that I believe are the answers to achieving our potential in peace while on the physical plane. These areas can and often are different in strength for each one of us. That is why the Prosperity Tool Chest is so powerful. This Tool Chest is the one you build for your self and it is always in motion. It is not a book whose words do not change once written. It is a guidance system where you are creating for yourself the roadmap you need to follow right now for where you are in the physical plane.

The foundation Laws, Principles and Tools do not change. And while they are described in different ways by different religions and teachers, they seem to always include the following:

The Law of Forgiveness,
The Law of Giving and Receiving (The Law of Circulation), The Law of Attraction,
The Law of Paradoxical Intent
The Law of Oneness,
The Law of Pure Potentiality or The Law of Our Higher Self, The Law of Unconditional Love,
The Law of Detachment,
The Law of Gratitude.
The Law of Unconditional Love
The Law of Cause and Effect
The Law of Least Effort
The Law of Intension and Desire


The Power of Now

The Prosperity Now program simply suggests a way for us to focus ourselves on living our lives with the deeper appreciation and manifestation of these laws. We acknowledge that our ego has succeeded in getting most of our attention up to this point. As we recognize the continuance of an ego dominating life only results in an acceleration of turmoil, negative emotions and an emotional roller coaster ride, we decide to move toward the peace that is available to all of us all the time.

We decide to honor the energy flow from the Universal God to the essence of our physical self. We use whatever we need at the moment of our day, the stage of our life to help us stay on the path of being connected to our inner sanctuary and being in and inspired, peaceful state. It is in this state we are manifesting all of the feelings we dream and desire without limitations. The unlimited good of the physical plane flows to us at the perfect time and perfect place. 

I suggest you add you own  notes to the universal laws and tools at the beginning of your Prosperity Tool Chest. These are reminders of very important principles that are key to manifestation. In fact one of them is basis for an entire book titled The Key and is a main section of both the movie and the book The Secret. Other come from foundation books, like The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity, Seven Spiritual Laws of Success and others. You will find a growing list of resources at

The idea with this reminder of what we have covered to an extent in Prosperity Now to this point is to remember the resources we have for transforming out lives. The Prosperity Tool Chest process is purposely easy to define and begin using immediately.

The Prosperity Now Formula:

Stir Up Your Dreams and Desires Then Write As Clear Intentions Remove The Ego and The Result Is Prosperity Now
+Dreams and Desires+ Intensions- Ego=Prosperity Now

99% of the Prosperity Now Program is about the minus sign: removing the ego - the blockages to our Divine Energy flow. Only you know what tools or tools you need to use at any given moment to help you be on purpose manifesting your potentiality. You are now aware of Universal Laws and principles. You are now aware of the potential power of The Prosperity Tool Chest. The power of this tool is that it helps us focus our attention on the laws that connect us to our Divine Source. When connected, we "Stir Up The Gifts of God" that we want to physically manifest. It serves no purpose unless used.

Note The Law of Forgiveness was listed first on purpose

Four Practical Steps For Navigating Less Than Blissful Life Situations:

We develop our personal Prosperity Tool Chest drawing upon the tools  (Laws and Principles) that help us transition from the ego driven state that you are in that moment, that day, this period of your life, to your divine self connected at the source (Divine Essence) to all. We use the Prosperity Tool Chest to remind ourselves of our intentions to live in accordance with the Dynamic Laws of The Universe which are the Dynamic Laws of Prosperity.

When we live without judging, when we live in the present moment, when we have forgiven ourselves and moments in our past that trouble us, when we recognize and honor all as having God within, we are unblocking the energy that connects us to The Field, The Source, Divine Universal energy. Then we are on the path to realizing our pure potentiality and manifesting all we dream and desire.

Since many of us have been programmed for quite some time to live according to an ego driven life plan, we use The Prosperity Tool Chest to focus our attention on total appreciation of the present moment.. I suggest to you that by starting your day with a few minutes writing your intentions for the day. Visualize those intentions for how you think and act so you are in alignment with The Universal Laws and connecting your energy to all you dream and desire.  By this process you are transforming your life.

In the physical plane it is true for many of us that we do not move through our day carrying and writing in our Prosperity Tool Chest minute by minute. The real life practical approach is to observe and feel your energy direction when you use your Tool Chest and decide where it is you need to turn your attention to the most. This the time when it is very important to be aware of the Universal Laws we talk about throughout this series and acknowledge where we need to focus our attention based on our current state.

For example: Maybe there is difficulty with a co-worker or with member of your family or maybe there are challenges with material things breaking in your home or with your car. Maybe you are jarred awake at 2 AM with thousands of random thoughts running through your mind.

Step 1. Rise above yourself and observe these life situations which we often label as painful, stressful, sources of anger, frustration or some other negative emotion.  Just acknowledge how you are feeling.

Step 2. Begin intending in your daily entries to your Prosperity Tool Chest to recognize that whatever it is that is troubling you is a life situation. There is no benefit to allowing yourself to have a negative reaction to anything. Rather than a negative emotion identify which of the Universal Laws you need to amplify in your life to drain the energy from the life situation that is troubling. I often find the need to focus on forgiveness and release. I also find it beneficial to clean the path in front of my arrival with I am sorry, please forgive me, I love you and thank you. I also often intend to continue my work on being in the moment - Your Power of Now. The Power of The Now to help since we know that by being in the present moment it is not possible to dragged down by the time driven thinking of the mind and ego. I often intend to remain at peace and happy regardless of what is going on around me.  This is personal work and there are no rules as to what can or cannot be added to your Prosperity Tool Chest.

Step 3. Intend in entries to your Prosperity Tool Chest to remind yourself to go to the God within at those times when your ego begins to take over. For many of us that is still very frequent. When the power of the ego seems to be particularly intense, rise above yourself and simply observe you feelings and behavior and begin focusing on the the appropriate Divine Law. Then move onward.  You do not have to fuel any negative emotion that may have risen within and you are choosing to be calm, at peace and happy.

For most of us not used to the state of Being in consciousness,  it takes practice. This is the value of the Prosperity Tool Chest. This tool reminds us what we are intending. It may be three in the afternoon and it seems that "all hell is breaking loose" but we now know we can observe this disruption, not fuel this adverse event or feeling and be at peace.

Step 4. In your Tool Chest remind yourself that life in the physical plane has waves. At times we seem to be at the top and at times the opposite? How would you know what is pleasure unless you experienced pain. How would you know what being at peace felt like unless you experienced turmoil? Since most of us have the experience of pain, hurt, fear, frustration, anger, we now have the opportunity for eliminating those negative emotions from our lives. We view events as life situations and remain at peace. We go through steps 1-3 above all the time and particularly the devotion of energy to Step 3 since that is where we will be most of our waking moments. However, for me and I suspect for many others, Step 3 can be very difficult without following Steps 1 and 2.

That currently is the summary for how to transform your life and there is no other "how to roadmap" that is practical to use every moment of our lives on a daily basis that I have found. This is working for me in so many ways and I am delighted to share it with you.   

The Exact Steps of How To Develop Your Prosperity Tool Chest and Manifest All Your Dreams and Desires

1. Start by Listing Your Dreams and Desires without limitation. Be clear don't make the Universe guess as you may be surprised at what shows up.
2. Restate your Dreams and Desires as Intentions. At this point is is very important to examine why an intention is important to you. What feelings do you want to have as a result of manifesting each intention.
3. Develop your commitments following the example worksheet from The Five Wishes. A commitment is a result of answering the question: "Imagine you are on your deathbed and I ask you ..has your life been a success?" If any part of your answer is no, then restate what it is that you wish you had done in order to answer yes to the question. Then restate your wish into a statement of already doing what it is you wished for. Then follow your inspiration to this commitment.
4. Use the power of the Universal Laws and tools that are part of you Prosperity Tool Chest. How you use them is determined by you and how you need them for this moment. Remind yourself to be detached from the outcome.
5. Use your Prosperity Tool Chest daily. Intend your day in advance. Align your daily intentions with your list of Dreams and Desires and Commitments. Where you have concerns or "issues" intend to draw upon the tool of a Universal Law or a principle to guide you along your daily path.
6. Once a week review your Dreams and Desires and add to the list and note entries that may have decreased in importance to you. Give yourself a grade as to how you are doing particularly on achieving your commitments.


Continuing To Explore The Power of Now

In the session titled "In The Now" I wrote about the connection of The Power of Now to manifesting our dreams and desires. Here is  a brief review:

"What does this have to do with manifesting your dreams and desires and for purposes of the manifestation goal at this point I will assume you, like me have your list of physical good. Well we create our future now. The energy we send out is what comes back to us. When we are in the present moment and experience the Power of the Now, we are raising our conscious awareness of our true self. We stop trying to change what is already history by rerunning it through our thought patterns and we take action on inspiration. When we are in the present moment we appreciate all that is at that moment.

Practical Steps to The Power of Now

1. Be aware of The Power of Now, the energy of being in the present moment. (You are now aware of this potential because we are addressing it. See Step 2)

2. Add the intention of focusing your awareness on the moment to your Prosperity Tool Chest. I suggest you intend on being in the now daily in your Tool Chest entries.

3. Set up reminders to enjoy the moment until it becomes natural. Imagine how many flowers, children's expressions, magnificent views we really missed by not being in the now. Of course you might say you remember the scene but were you really in the scene. One of my favorite examples of being in the now was when I used to fly a lot.  Traveling commercial air is usually challenging. However there were times when all of a sudden I was on a flight where there were not many people on board, so it was peaceful and we would be flying at dusk. Maybe it was snowing on the ground but above the clouds it was magical with the colors of the sun setting and the clouds below. Upon reflection I was definitely in the now and was very energized and at peace with those moments. Those feelings are available to us all the time.

4. Use techniques for focusing on the now like the same breath awareness you might use in meditation. Eckhart writes about using you whole body to think. I particularly enjoyed that section of his book since I am often in situations where I am evaluating options and making a decision on a course of action that affects finances and people. Eckhart suggests moving away from the turmoil in the mind, focus on your breathing, think about how every part of your body is reacting to your thought process, become quiet and then return to the decision or creation or whatever it is you are trying to figure out and your mind will connect you to the right path.  Be aware - you may not like the answer but only because of your memories.

5. Remember everything is just a situation. God does not judge and neither should you. There is no gain by believing you can change a situation by your emotions. You can either change it with action, accept it or leave it.



The Real Secret

You already know that what you want to manifest is already here and you know how to attract it using the tools in your Prosperity Tool Chest. The Real Secret is being in the Now including being in tune with the signals from God that are guiding you. These signals in the form of people who come into your life, a message sent to you, a phone call, an article or book you read or some other seemingly inconsequential incident are insights from God. Once delivered it is your responsibility to act. Now you act on those signals that are so clear that there cannot be a misunderstanding. I will give you an example: my decision to be a facilitator in Spirit Expressing that led to me developing the Prosperity Now program seemed at the time to be an instant reaction to an invitation. In retrospect I know this is exactly what I want to be doing at this point in time. Some events are meant for you to pay attention to and let sit - like dough rising. When it is ready you have a marvelous loaf of Italian bread. So you are receiving the ingredients and you will know when it is time to put the dough in the oven and produce a marvelous result.

Our Opportunity

Our opportunity is to go beyond mediation, and live in the now because in a meditative state we are not using our talents to help ourselves and help others in the physical plane. In the meditative state we are listening to God then we move forward and act from a posture of inspiration ... or at least we should

At this point I suggest to you that you do not want to miss next week. The session will be amazing and will rock your world - I promise.


 Part 4: Questions and Group Discussion

As a reminder: you can read the books, go to the classes, attend church, but if you don't advance yourself to live on purpose inspired by connecting to our Source, it is unlikely you will live in peace, happiness and bliss. I am sure there are many ways to tools that help accomplish the goal of living on purpose and being at peace knowing you are on purpose regardless of anything that is going on around you. For The Prosperity Tool Chest clearly works. If you use this tool and I mean really use it there is only one possible outcome - the Universe will deliver all that you dream and desire.  Let's pause and I ask each of us to be very focused on any questions that are asked and go to the Source for clarity.

In Closing:

Remember: Thoughts Become Things. Focus on being in alignment with the Divine Source of all thought and then accept the Divine experiences that follow.

The following is from I Stand For God and is presented to you here:

I wish for you and for myself to to realize and live with the understanding that I am totally responsible for everything in my life - everything and to live a no-limit life. I Stand for God there are no limits.

The materials and resources at this site along with the weekly meetings are all designed to help us get the points of total responsibility and no limit potentiality.

May you experience the unlimited love, health, happiness and prosperity that are yours for the asking.



The God Within Me Meets, Recognizes and Honors The God Within You.

Prosperity Messenger

 "Bringing Prosperity Roadmap To The Universe"


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