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The Key To The Bank Vault With The Map of  How To Manifest All The Success and Abundance You Dream and Desire


"Focus on being in alignment with the Divine Source of all thought and then accept the Divine experiences that follow."

Do you recognize those words? Do they look familiar?  Well they have been a part of each session of The Prosperity Now Program. They are the foundation of what we will be examining in depth in this session.

Right now I encourage you to commit to including in your Prosperity Tool Chest the following: " I Intend To Feel Successful and Attract Abundance Into My Life"

The emphasis is not the words Feel and Attract. The definition of success and abundance is an individual one and private. It doesn't matter whether you desire to be self sufficient in the wilderness or have mansions around the world, the principles we examine now apply to any and all images you chose.

We have learned the Law of Unconditional Love and learned The Real Secret to the Law of Attraction. Now we are advancing from the minors to the majors, going from grade school to having our doctorate in about an hour. I teach a program named The 10 Minute MBA which has been entirely focused on the very few key steps businesses need to focus on in order to achieve their business performance goals. Later I will give you The 10 Minute MSA program which is entirely focused on the steps to take to shift your consciousness and Manifest Success and Abundance.

Remember I mentioned in a recent session that Divine Love delivers to us what we need at exactly the right time if we are open to receive. Here is a brief story about how this particular session emerged into an idea and now here for me to use and you to consider.

The series we did on Unconditional Love was so powerful, I was wondering if there was that much left to be excited about and meaningful for others. Then fooling around one night with a blog I paid attention to the resources at Google Video and out of that emerged finding the entire movie The Secret on line and the session titled The Real Secret which was another very powerful session with material that will help shift your consciousness.

Well that came to me pretty easy but then what. Normally within 24 hours of a group meeting being held I have a very clear picture of what is next. This time I had ideas but nothing was coming at me with a lot of energy. Early morning I picked up one of the books lying around my home and if you ever were in my home you would appreciate the description lying around my home. I opened the book and there it was. Chapter 10 and in an instant I knew.

In this session you will learn the magnificent guidance from Chapter 10 of Wayne Dyer's book The Power of Intentions. As importantly you will experience the link to all the other work we have done in The Prosperity Now Program to this point. 

Without any doubt this is the exact Roadmap To True Prosperity and that being the case an explanation is appropriate.

I believe what you will experience in this session is not new for many of you. However, if you are like me, hearing it, intellectually understanding it and being it are completely different. We are very blessed to have done the work that will help us appreciate the true meaning of tonight's message. We are truly blessed with the Wisdom that guides us to these Universal Truths and the energy that transforms our consciousness and delivers all that we dream and desire.

Again Together: " I Intend To Feel Successful and Attract Abundance Into My Life"

As with all the work of The Prosperity Now Program the insight to the Universal Principles explored comes from Divine Wisdom and Divine Love  This insight is not understood by many.  This insight works for me and I feel it will work for your if you let it.

I encourage you to develop and aggressively use your Prosperity Tool Chest. Do this exactly as outlined for 30 Days and you will see marvelous shifts in your life. Some of those shifts may include massive attacks on you by your ego. The Prosperity Now Program give you the complete super bowl game plan to win any and all attacks of the ego. The Prosperity Tool Chest gives you all the tools to Feel You are Successful and have the abundance you dream and desire all the time.


Prosperity Now

Welcome to Prosperity Now. This program teaches the exact steps to manifest all that you dream and desire. And now we unlock the vault to manifesting all you dream and desire.

Prosperity Now has deep roots in our belief of Divine Love and the Essence of God in all of us. God is Unconditional Love. The power of being Unconditional Love  is available to all who learn to align their consciousness and then shift to this new consciousness.

Please send blessings of thanks to our host and join in the reflection on the:

             Prosperity Now Affirmation

I am Prosperous NOW beyond measure in health, wealth, peace and happiness.

I am grateful for all that I am and all that I have. Thank you God!

I am receiving now all the abundance I dream and desire.

I know this abundance wants me and is delivered to me at the perfect time.

I am One with Divine Wisdom, Divine Energy, Divine Intelligence, Divine Love. I am One with God.

I Stand for God and help those who seek, experience this bliss.

Steve Pohlit
Prosperity Messenger


If you are attending a live session we will now pause and focus on silencing all distractions and opening our energy paths to the gifts that are being delivered when we proceed. An idea for you to focus on for this meditation is I look at everything through the glasses of success and abundance. I  am in alignment with the God's Divine Energy. And from Catherine Ponder's book The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity: " I am the center of my Universe, I have the power to create whatever I want, I radiate whatever I choose to accept, I am choosing to accept the highest and best in life."

 Margaret Meade said: "Never underestimate the power of a small group of people to change the world". We are a small group of people at this moment who have a choice: We can move forward as if little has changed or we can change our consciousness and change the world.


Only One Possible Outcome

Now With More Certainty and Clarity Than Ever Before: There is only one possible outcome as a result of following the Prosperity Now Program  - you will manifest all your dreams and desires as you visualize them or something even better.

It is important for me to give credit to Dr. Wayne Dyer for quite a bit of substance that is presented in this session. Thank you Wayne and may you continue to be blessed in many ways for how you have helped us and many others.

"Your Intention To Feel Successful and Attract Abundance and Experience Prosperity Depends On What View You Have of Yourself, The Universe, and Most Importantly The Field of Intention From Which Success and Abundance Will Come."

During The Session on The Field We Learned That The Mere Act of Observing Unstructured Particles At The Subatomic Level Changes The Particle. Understand The Way We Observe These Particles Ultimately Determine What They Become.

To me it is very important to focus on the guidance in the phrase "What View You Have". Notice these words do not make any reference to outside factors. The entire focus is on our view of God, The Universe, Ourselves and what we experience.

Remember the examples of when we have been in a state of anger, frustration or stress. What do we attract? Right more of the same. Divine Energy does not judge our emotions. Divine Wisdom responds to our thoughts. Have you ever heard the saying "you get what you expect"?

How we look at life is largely a result of our expectations that have been formed by our families, schools, people we have associated with and by our ego. I know I have been programmed into having limited expectations. Sure I was told you can be anything you want to be. I didn't believe it because I didn't really see those role models until many years later. When I did then I didn't understand I really could be anything I wanted to be. Funny thing happened along the way I became exactly what I had focused on.

If you see scarcity, can you see abundance?

Can you change what is by simply changing the way you look at it?

If you have always been troubled by the state of your life can you be in bliss?

For me the answer without a doubt is yes. I see myself completely different than I was six months ago yet alone in comparison to six years ago. You decide. As you reflect on these questions consider the following:

The Essence of Divine Love

Divine Love does not judge, Divine Love is all giving - there are no limitations. The Love available in every form including what we materially manifest has no boundaries. So look at the two major properties if you will of Divine Love: first there is no limit giving and and second there is unlimited supply. Well there is a third and that is Divine Love does not judge. Divine Energy responds to our thoughts. 

The essence of God is within. The essence of Divine Love is within. Divine Love is all giving and has unlimited supply. We are well served to be in alignment with that energy.

There is a huge difference to the reaction of Divine Love to our feeling that we are success and abundance vs. the traditional view of " I am striving for success and abundance" You are already success and abundance. If you don't feel that way now the use your Prosperity Tool Chest to discover the blockages you need to remove and to help you focus on essence of your being which is Divine Love.

I think now is a great time to remind ourselves that we are Divine Unconditional Love and by acknowledging and honoring that energy within ourselves and sending it to help remove the blockages of that Unconditional Love in others we remove the blockages that prevent us from living in a state of success and abundance.

"Our Source is abundant and we are our Source so we must communicate that back by our state of thought and energy. Since our Source is always giving and receiving and we are our Source we must always be in a state of giving and receiving. Our Source Can Only Work With Us When We Are In Harmony With It"

Be on a path of non-resistance. Here are some examples. You may recall similar examples when we reviewed the Law of Paradoxical Intent.

If you tell Divine Energy what you want you will be in a state of wanting because at the Source it is already there.

If you feel you need more money, you are conveying the energy of shortages. There is no shortages of anything at the Source. The Source is the Divine Essence within and so it is also the mind with which you think so here is a state of needing more money because that is the state you are in.

"Get rid of the concept of shortages, because God hasn't a clue about such things. The Creative Source reacts to your belief in shortages with a fulfillment of your belief."

In this illustration shortages apply to all areas of our lives including wealth, recognition, love, peace, happiness and more. Review this list. The opposites include, anger, frustration, regret, stress, anxiety, depression and any other label for negative emotions. The Prosperity Now Program gives us specific guidance on removing these negative emotions or blockages of Divine Energy. Linking the goal of not fueling negative emotions to this lesson there is a very strong message to be very careful about how we think about negative emotions. What happens when we focus for example on the thought "I don't want to be angry" Anger is not any part of Divine Energy so our source can only respond with what we are focused on which is of course more activity that fuels anger.

Nearly all negative emotion is a result of judging an event or words that have already happened or have not yet happened. Our Source has no negative emotions and if we are truly going to manifest success and abundance as we individually define those terms then the message now is the only way to do that is to shift our consciousness to where we are unconditional love. At the Divine level of unconditional love we live the energy of no scarcity, We live the energy of unlimited giving and receiving. We live the energy of being truly grateful for everything. We live the marvelous reminder suggested by Wayne Dyer

"Change The Way You Look At Things, and The Things You Look At Change!"

The principle lesson here is to live in a state of clear understanding that Divine Energy, The Source, God represents unlimited abundance, unlimited supply of everything we dream and desire and it is ours by birthright by being in our Divine State by not letting the emotions caused by the ego rule and by recognizing Divine Energy is in all, not just our individual selves.

"I allow what I already have to flow through me."  This lesson is the foundation for the guidance we hear so often live your life as if what you are manifesting is already here because it is. How many times have you heard that and but still don't know how to do that? The Prosperity Now Program opens the vault doors to this awakening. Now you know and now you have the primary tool which is your Prosperity Tool Chest to help you transform to this new consciousness. Remember when we say new it is not that we are creating a new consciousness because it is already our Divine State. New is used in  the context of new for us now because we have become accustomed to living an ego driven consciousness.

Guidance on How To Evaluate Your State of Consciousness

"I feel my desires are being denied".

Response: God does not withhold anything and there is an unlimited supply of whatever it is you desire. Divine Energy will respond to a state where you are allowing what you already have to flow to you. This is the basis for the sermons where we hear "never think or talk lack." I suggest that we go deeper and focus on being in the state of knowing our Source has unlimited Prosperity and that Prosperity is there for us Now. When we are in that state it is impossible to think or talk lack. Our state must acknowledge by the way we are that we are coming from the energy of unlimited wealth, happiness, joy, peace, health in every part of our lives.

"I understand and believe the guidance in The Prosperity Now Program but I don't feel that it is working for me"

When we feel the Divine Guidance is not reaching us in the form of being in the state of Unconditional Love where all that we dream and desire is manifest then there is resistance to Divine Energy. "The Universe is based on energy and attraction which means that everything is vibrating to particular frequencies. When the frequency in which you are vibrating is in contradiction with the frequency of Divine Love, there is a resistance that inhibits the flow of Prosperity into your life."  Use the tools of your Prosperity Tool Chest to evaluate where you have resistance and then use the Tools to eliminate the flow of energy to that resistance and allow Divine Energy with unlimited supply of abundance to flow to you. Maybe you have deep seated views that you don't deserve what you feel you want or that these principles are not really true. Such thoughts are examples of The Source delivering exactly what it you are focused upon. I am completely focused on being in harmony with Divine Energy "I Am One With God" is part of this programs affirmation. When I am not manifesting all that I dream and desire I am simply still operating from an ego driven consciousness. I am changing that to my Source driven consciousness and encourage all to give this guidance your full attention and energy.

"When I listen and talk to others about these beliefs, I absorb contrary views."

At the outset of The Prosperity Now Program the guidance of holding these views as being personal and private was given. Others become aware by example. Part of our development to our Source driven consciousness is being very aware of the influences of others in conversation, newsprint, books, magazines, seminars, church, electronic media including television and the Internet. Yes I said church. The church I attend is largely made up of people who have graduated from another church. Even now there are services I attend and messages I receive that I don't allow to become part of me. Divine Wisdom is part of us - use it.

How Do I Change Who I Am Since I Have Been This Way With My Beliefs All My Life?

First don't "beat yourself up" on what you have done or have been just because you are becoming aware of what is possible for you. This is applying The Law of Forgiveness to yourself first then to all that has been done by you and to you that you feel needs forgiven. Next start allowing yourself in this instant to accept the unlimited supply of love, peace, happiness and abundance from God. Use your Prosperity Tool Chest to assist you with your intentions to allow the Divine Energy to flow to you and through you. Avoid any thoughts starting with "I can't" "Stop" "I need" "I want" "Look at that can you believe it?" and do on. If those thoughts begin, acknowledge what is happening, step outside yourself as an observer and focus on the Unconditional Love that is your source, the unlimited success and abundance that is yours since we know God is unlimited supply. Develop into a state of gratitude for all your blessings and go to the silence for continual guidance.

"As you practice allowing and living the faith of being in harmony with Divine Energy, success and abundance are no longer something you choose, it's what you are."

The Key To Knowing

It is important to understand that we are part of our Source and that God, Divine Love is in every part of all of us. When we are in the state of knowing this without question then we have moved our consciousness to complete understanding that we are not what we have. In this state we are able to manifest all we dream and desire and not be attached to any of the stuff or anything that we do. We are not what we have and we are not what we do.

Early on in The Prosperity Now Program we revealed the primary goal. That goal is feeling at peace. Peace transcends feeling happy, feeling good, feeling ecstatic, feeling bliss. We can feel all of those magnified when we are at peace because we know we are in a state of Unconditional Love and we have no physical attachment to the outcome. We know all that is supposed to flow to us does at the perfect time. In this state of knowing we feel genuinely successful and abundant. This energy flows to us and through us just as our Source is unlimited giving and receiving. As soon as we allow ourselves to feel attached, we are creating roadblocks to Divine Energy.

Feelings are key to measuring how well we are doing at living the principle of being able to manifest all we dream and desire. Our emotions tell us how much of the Divine Energy we are drawing upon to manifest our dreams and desires. "An exceptionally positive emotional response indicates that you are summoning the Divine Energy of intention and allowing that energy to flow to you in a nonresistant manner. Feelings of passion, pure bliss, reverence, unmitigated optimism, unquestioned trust and even illumination indicate your desire to manifest success and abundance have an extremely strong pulling power from God to you." These emotions tell us how much energy of The Source we are drawing upon so it is very important to pay close attention to these feelings.

If you are feeling just OK then how much energy are you drawing upon? Probably not much. If you are feeling down or critical, angry, etc. you are blocking the flow of success and abundant energy. Abundance is natural and cannot flow when there is resistance.

We change our consciousness to non resistance first by intending to do so then by doing it using the steps of our Prosperity Tool Chest.

This is a two step:
1. Change our consciousness to non-resistance
2. Increase the pulling power - our power to tap into the Divine Pool of Abundance.

How To Increase Our Pulling Power:

We circle back now to an earlier session when we suggested we focus on the feelings. Feeling are what we are talking about. Intend an then create feelings of success, abundance, peace, happiness, friendship, health, happiness. security, high energy. When we stay focused on these feelings the Universe responds by manifesting them. Money may be part of this formula but it will support the feelings about abundance you already have.

I encourage you to monitor how strong these positive feelings are since they are the measurement devices for how well we are doing pulling forth the Divine Energy of Prosperity to our lives. We use our Prosperity Tool Chest to intend to be very powerful positive feelings and use our Prosperity Tool Chest to guide us away from blockages and toward being Unconditional Love that we send to our selves and others.

This consciousness results in providing for you what you are as opposed to providing for you what you have previously defined as missing.

"You don't have to ask for less, or feel guilty about wanting abundance - it is there for you and everyone in unlimited supply". In fact the more abundance we attract the more we are able to circulate. Do you think Bill Gates would have been able to found the Bill Gates foundation that is donating billions of dollars to very worthy causes had he had an abundance limitation fixation? Do you think he even thought about the wealth as being his goal? I don't believe so.


Opening The Vault

Changing our consciousness is good advice if we are not happy and we are not already attracting our dreams and desires. However, we need to understand what blocks the flow of energy that attracts what we want and eliminate the blockages. We need to have a deep seated belief in the Divine Essence of God within all that is mentioned in chapter 9 of The Secret. We need to become a lot better at sending unconditional love to ourselves not just in the way we feel but in the way we treat the physical body that houses our spirit.

Unconditional Love is mentioned in the secret but it is mentioned briefly just as it is mentioned briefly in many of the books and lectures on manifestation. The Prosperity Now program devoted three sessions to this one topic and continues to focus material on the importance of unconditional love. If you want to demonstrate The Law of Attraction then become unconditional love. How do you become Unconditional Love?  You intend to allow that energy that is already within to emerge. You intend this above all else in your life. When you live as Unconditional Love you send out magnificent energy of your purpose and joy of being in the physical plane. The Secret Says send out this energy as that will come back to you. No doubt, so intend it , be committed to it and work it into your consciousness using your Prosperity Tool Chest.


In the physical plane all the tools we have are needed. So while Unconditional Love is discussed as the most powerful, the real power comes from the use of all the tools. There is a synergistic effect. What this means is when you are using more than one of the tools you experience a multiplier effect.


The following is repeated from an earlier session and is from the book Manifest Your Destiny by Wayne Dyer

"There is no greater power in heaven or on earth than pure unconditional love....You may feel infinitely worthy of attracting to yourself material and spiritual prosperity, but if you are not living the way of unconditional love you are interfering with your ability to manifest in your life. In order to be divinely aligned with this universal infinite energy, you must become unconditional love."

Unconditional Love To Ourselves and To All Others Is Easy. The Following Is a Suggestion of How to Think About It:

"Unconditional love is the ultimate solution for the mystery of life. It may appear simple, but it is so powerful that it will shake you free of your ego domination...Until we learn to transcend the ego we continue to contribute to the insanity that we witness in the world."

If you are operating as a Being of Unconditional Love you are not involved in any ego concerns. When you operate from this perspective you are practicing detachment in a state of gentleness, which makes you a compassionate witness toward everyone and everything you come into contact with. It is magical to be able to extend this kind of consciousness beyond your form." 

"Those who seem to have the gift of attracting to themselves all manner of good things in their lives are said to be empowered in some mysterious way. The ability to reach a higher state of being, where there seems to be almost no delay between the creation of a thought form and having that thought form "show up" can be viewed in terms of unconditional love and an absence of demanding from or judging the world.

This is a power that I know is possible for each of us when we begin to adopt these basic principles of spiritual manifestation. Most of us simply do not recognize how truly powerful we are by virtue of our own ability to create thoughts, and out of these thoughts attract to ourselves the abundance of the universe.

....Destiny is not preordained. Destiny is ordained totally by you. Every single moment of your NOW existence is a result of your previous thought.....You can and do manifest your destiny.

.....Your free will is your gift of unconditional love. You create your destiny with this free will...."


How Do You Send The Energy of Unconditional Love?

Most often silently express with deep feeling the words I love you. You are addressing  the Divine Essence within that person or situation coming from the Divine Essence within your source.

From Dr. Len in Zero Limits say with heartfelt meaning to the essence of God within yourself

I Love You God
I Am Sorry
Please Forgive Me
Thank You

As we approach the close of this first series of The Prosperity Now Program I present to you the idea that I have expressed so many times throughout this series that there is no doubt whatsoever that by following this program and using The Prosperity Tool Chest to assist you that all your dreams and desires will manifest.

When I first wrote that statement and expressed it in the first session I assure there was a power positive energy driving that thought. I know now there was no resistance energy blocking that guidance. When there is no resistance energy present our Source is speaking. I hope you develop the same and even stronger conviction about this program like I have over the past several months.

The 10 Step MSA Program

MSA of course represents manifest success and abundance. The goal is to feel successful and abundant all the time and when we do what we are attracts more of the same and allows us to circulate more of the same. Again I thank Wayne Dyer for this guidance.

1. Image the Universe as an abundant providing place and everyone and everything is a manifestation of that abundance. By this image you are transmitting the energy frequency that you are accepting success and abundance. "When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change".

2. "Affirm I attract abundance and success into my life because that is who I am". With this state you are in harmony with your Source and there is no distance between what you desire and that manifestation.

3. "Stay in An Attitude of Allowing" In an an attitude of allowing all resistance in the form of thoughts and negativity or doubt are replaced with simplicity knowing you and your Source are one and the same.

4 Use your present moments to activate thoughts that are in harmony with manifesting prosperity. In the present moment, the NOW make the choice to let go of a lifetime of beliefs, and begin activating thoughts right now that allow you to feel good. When someone or something wants to derail your feelings, release that event and say I am feeling great about being unconditional love and I send that love to my self and the essence of God in that event.

5. Live your life knowing that success and abundance has arrived for you. Speak to others with passion, speak on the phone inspired, write with the wisdom of your Source. Pay attention and act on events that seem to just happen like becoming aware of a new book or concert that you have a reaction to. Pay close attention to conversations that seem to be drawing your attention to something.

6.Remember that your prosperity and success will benefit others and that no one lacks abundance because it is flowing to you.

7. Monitor your emotions. Strong passion and bliss are indications you are connected to your Source and are inspired. Opposite emotions are negative feelings and block the flow of Divine Energy.

8. Become as generous with you abundance as God is with you. Becoming attached and hoarding are blockages to the energy that created that abundance.

9.Meditate to the Divine Love within as the source of your success and abundance. "There is no substitute for meditation particularly with abundance. Your consciousness with the presence of God is the Source of your supply."

10. Develop an attitude of gratitude even if you experience what is labeled difficult or dark days. Everything that happens comes from the Source and is on purpose.

"The energy that creates worlds and universes is within you. It works through attraction and energy. Everything vibrates; everything has a vibratory frequency. As St. Paul said "God is able to provide you with every blessing in abundance." Tune into God's frequency, and you will know it beyond any and all doubt!"

These marvelous steps are easily integrated into your Prosperity Tool Chest.

The Prosperity Tool Chest:

Prosperity Now is all about helping us to live in an inspired state which is our birthright. When we live in an inspired state we give no energy to ego and it dissolves. All that is left is our inspired self and bliss.. The Prosperity Tool Chest is our guidance system to living inspired, living on purpose.

When we develop our own Prosperity Tool Chest we are clearing the clutter that gives rise to confusion and brings clarity to living an inspired life and not a life of desperation.

I now know without a doubt that the key for me in using the Prosperity Tool Chest is to help me focus on the areas of energy that I believe are the answers to achieving our potential in peace while on the physical plane. These areas can and often are different in strength for each one of us. That is why the Prosperity Tool Chest is so powerful.

This Tool Chest is the one you build for yourself and it is always in motion. It is not a book whose words do not change once written. It is a guidance system where you are creating for yourself the roadmap you need to follow right now for where you are in the physical plane.

The Prosperity Now Formula:

Stir Up Your Dreams and Desires Then Write As Clear Intentions Remove The Ego and The Result Is Prosperity Now
+Dreams and Desires+ Intensions- Ego=Prosperity Now

99% of the Prosperity Now Program is about the minus sign: removing the ego - the blockages to our Divine Energy flow. Only you know what tools or tools you need to use at any given moment to help you be on purpose manifesting your potentiality. You are now aware of Universal Laws and principles. You are now aware of the potential power of The Prosperity Tool Chest. The power of this tool is that it helps us focus our attention on the laws that connect us to our Divine Source. When connected, we "Stir Up The Gifts of God" that we want to physically manifest. It serves no purpose unless used.

Note The Law of Forgiveness was listed first on purpose

Four Practical Steps For Navigating Less Than Blissful Life Situations:

We develop our personal Prosperity Tool Chest drawing upon the tools  (Laws and Principles) that help us transition from the ego driven state that you are in that moment, that day, this period of your life, to your divine self connected at the source (Divine Essence) to all. We use the Prosperity Tool Chest to remind ourselves of our intentions to live in accordance with the Dynamic Laws of The Universe which are the Dynamic Laws of Prosperity.

When we live without judging, when we live in the present moment, when we have forgiven ourselves and moments in our past that trouble us, when we recognize and honor all as having God within, we are unblocking the energy that connects us to The Field, The Source, Divine Universal energy. Then we are on the path to realizing our pure potentiality and manifesting all we dream and desire.

Since many of us have been programmed for quite some time to live according to an ego driven life plan, we use The Prosperity Tool Chest to focus our attention on total appreciation of the present moment.. I suggest to you that by starting your day with a few minutes writing your intentions for the day. Visualize those intentions for how you think and act so you are in alignment with The Universal Laws and connecting your energy to all you dream and desire.  By this process you are transforming your life. 

For most of us not used to the state of Being in new consciousness,  it takes practice. This is the value of the Prosperity Tool Chest. This tool reminds us what we are intending. It may be three in the afternoon and it seems that "all hell is breaking loose" but we now know we can observe this disruption, not fuel this adverse event or feeling and be at peace.

The Exact Steps of How To Develop Your Prosperity Tool Chest and Manifest All Your Dreams and Desires

1. Start by Listing Your Dreams and Desires without limitation. Be clear don't make the Universe guess as you may be surprised at what shows up.

2. Restate your Dreams and Desires as Intentions. At this point is is very important to examine why an intention is important to you. What feelings do you want to have as a result of manifesting each intention.

3. Develop your commitments following the example worksheet from The Five Wishes. A commitment is a result of answering the question: "Imagine you are on your deathbed and I ask you ..has your life been a success?" If any part of your answer is no,  restate what it is that you wish you had done in order to answer yes to the question. Then restate your wish into a statement of already doing what it is you wished for. Then follow your inspiration to this commitment.

4. Use the power of the Universal Laws and tools that are part of you Prosperity Tool Chest. How you use them is determined by you and how you need them for this moment. Remind yourself to be detached from the outcome.

5. Use your Prosperity Tool Chest daily. Intend your day in advance. Align your daily intentions with your list of Dreams and Desires and Commitments. Where you have concerns or "issues" intend to draw upon the tool of a Universal Law or a principle to guide you along your daily path.

6. Once a week review your Dreams and Desires and add to the list and note entries that may have decreased in importance to you. Give yourself a grade as to how you are doing particularly on achieving your commitments.

What You Want To Manifest Is Already Here

You already know that what you want to manifest is already here and you know how to attract it using the tools in your Prosperity Tool Chest. The Real Secret is being in the Now including being in tune with the signals from God that are guiding you. These signals in the form of people who come into your life, a message sent to you, a phone call, an article or book you read or some other seemingly inconsequential incident are insights from God. Once delivered it is your responsibility to act. Now you act on those signals that are so clear that there cannot be a misunderstanding.

Some events are meant for you to pay attention to and let sit - like dough rising. When it is ready you have a marvelous loaf of Italian bread. So you are receiving the ingredients and you will know when it is time to put the dough in the oven and produce a marvelous result.

Our Opportunity

Our opportunity is to go beyond mediation, and live in the now because in a meditative state we are not using our talents to help ourselves and help others in the physical plane. In the meditative state we are listening to God then we move forward and act from a posture of inspiration ... or at least we should


In Closing:

Remember: Thoughts Become Things. Focus on being in alignment with the Divine Source of all thought and then accept the Divine experiences that follow.

The following is from I Stand For God and is presented to you here:

I wish for you and for myself to to realize and live with the understanding that each one of us is totally responsible for everything that happen in our lives - everything. I wish for all the wisdom that there are no limits to the life we manifest.

The materials and resources developed for this program are developed to help us understand,accept and live the principles that we are totally responsible for everything in our lives and that there no limits on what we can do, have and be.

May you experience the unlimited love, health, happiness and prosperity that are yours for the asking.



The God Within Me Meets, Recognizes, Honors and Send Unconditional Love To The Essence of God Within You.

Prosperity Messenger

 "Bringing the  Prosperity Roadmap To The Universe"


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