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 Prosperity Now: NOW!!


I am Prosperous NOW beyond measure in health, wealth, peace and happiness.

I am Grateful for all that I am and all that I have. Thank you God!

I am receiving now all the abundance I dream and desire - and I am patient for these Gifts from The Universe to manifest.

I am One with Divine Wisdom, Divine Energy, Divine Intelligence, Divine Love. I am One with God.

I Stand for God and help those who seek, experience this bliss.

Steve Pohlit
Prosperity Messenger


Welcome to Prosperity Now where we examine in depth Universal Laws and Principles for living our lives in bliss and manifesting all that we desire. The structure of the series is always in development. At this point, for this specific topic the structure is:

1. Review of the foundation principles guiding our Prosperity Now Tool Chest.

2. Introduction of a New Tool or a clarification of a tool we have already introduced.

3.Introduction of a Law or a review at a deeper level of a Law  or Principle that is a key that unlocks the door to understanding our potentiality and manifesting that potentiality.

4. Today we are introducing a fourth part of our weekly series. At this point a number of people have been developing their Prosperity Tool Chest and we will begin to address questions about the Tool Chest, including the Five Wishes worksheet.

If you attending a live session at this point we will pause and move toward the feeling of diminishing all distractions and opening our energy paths to the gifts that are being delivered when we proceed. If you are reading this, there is a recording of the live session and you are encouraged to meditate and achieve for you what we have for the people in the live session.

Isn't the technology that allows us to share this experience with the world marvelous. I encourage you to be grateful for all the tools that help us realize our unlimited potential




Have you noticed how I have been working on my affirmation? Write your affirmation, use mine, use ones you have read that work for you - have a trigger word that

Part 1: The Prosperity Now Tool Chest

There is only one possible result when you use The Prosperity Now Tool Chest -only one: You will manifest your dreams and desires. Actually , The Universe will deliver more than you ever imagined.

The foundation belief of the Prosperity Now Tool Chest. is: God, Being, Divine Energy, the Source is infinite. God is Divine Love. Divine Love had no score card of right and wrong, Divine Love doesn't recognize sex, good feelings, bad feelings, color. Divine Love is pure energy. God is within all of us and as a result we have no limitations.

In the physical plane we have three states: first there is our Divine State. This is the state of God within.

Next we have the state of Inspiration. In the physical plane we have unlimited potential by the connection to our Divine State. Our inspired state is connected to God and we are on purpose. We also manifest all our dreams and desires from the state of Inspiration which is the "direct connect" channel to God.

The third state is where we have the most challenges in physical plane and that is our conscious mind. Our ego which we were gifted with along with our Divine Self works on our conscious mind which is opposite of our Divine Self. I believe the ego is the basis for the idea of good vs. evil and sin, condemnation, hell vs. heaven, and all the negative energies like anger, anxiety, stress, fear, hate, etc.

Prosperity Now is all about helping us live in an inspired state. When we live in an inspired state we give no energy to ego and it dissolves. All that is left is our inspired self and bliss.. The Prosperity Tool Chest is our guidance system to living inspired, living on purpose.

The third state is memory which is a record of all of our experiences and all of our ancestor experiences. It is also directly connected to our subconscious self. Memory is the ultimate tool of the ego. Since we operate at the conscious level and constantly try to rationalize all the events we manifest, we say "how could I possibly be responsible for that or that" The answer I believe lies in the receptors of our subconscious which are millions of times greater than what we absorb at the conscious level which becomes conscious memory.  So normally we look outward for excuses instead of inward for reasons and we are confused.

When we develop our own Prosperity Tool Chest we are clearing the clutter that gives rise to confusion and brings clarity to living an inspired life and not a life of desperation.

There is just one other very important point: Why do any of this? What is the goal you want to manifest from paying attention to any of this?

I believe the goal is peace. It doesn't matter if you want monetary riches, blissful relationships, a self sufficient cave on top of a mountain. I believe that at the soul of what we desire is peace. The peace that comes from being on purpose. Be clear as to the reason you are paying any attention to any of this. When in doubt, and I believe we all have moments of doubt, we remind ourselves of the following that I first heard from Wayne Dyer " You Have Tried Everything Else...Now Try ME" I know for myself that if the plan I developed from memory was working to my satisfaction, I wouldn't be here offering what I have discovered and what I continue to discover. Prosperity Now does work and is working right now.

Clearing The Clutter and The Blockages

The end result is the same and I believe there is no one way to reach it. For me there are very strong feelings about using the way of the Prosperity Now process. If this process makes sense for you, terrific. If not,  then discover the tool that works for you the best. Whatever you use, I suggest the tool should accomplish for you what the Prosperity Now Tool Chest is accomplishing for for me, which is to align the energy of of thought with Divine Wisdom and Love. When in alignment we are inspired and know we are on purpose - the purpose of our being in the physical plane. 

Most of Prosperity Now is about clearing the blockages to all the feelings that we want to manifest...the blockages to our purpose. The reason we spend time on the blockages is because by clearing these blocks we open our energy path to God. We connect to Divine Love and the energy field within that I refer to as our Inspired Self guides us. When we follow this guidance we are on purpose.

It is very important to remember we are all here in the physical plane for a purpose. We are spiritual beings with Divine Energy as our essence, and yet our purpose for being here is our purpose for being here. I believe each one of use has a distinct and unique purpose.  Prosperity Now is a clear path to knowing how to live on purpose and manifest all that we dream and desire without limitations.

The Core Tool of Prosperity Now

Within The Prosperity Tool Chest (renamed from the Prosperity Journal) there are tools including: meditation; practicing The Power of Now; cleaning and creating our experiences in advance. Each one of these and more have been covered in detail or will be covered in detail. 

A Summary Review of Using Your Prosperity Journal

1. Start by Listing Your Dreams and Desires without limits
2. Restate your Dreams and Desires as Intentions. At this point is is very important to examine why an intention is important to you. What feelings do you want to have as a result of manifesting each intention.
3. Develop your commitments following the example worksheet from The Five Wishes. A commitment is a result of answering the question: "Imagine you are on your deathbed and I ask you ..has your life been a success?" If any part of your answer is no, then restate what it is that you wish you had done in order to answer yes to the question. Then restate your wish into a statement of already doing what it is you wished for. Then follow your inspiration to this commitment.
4. Remind yourself to be detached from the outcome. The specific images we visualize in connection with our dreams and desires often appear exactly as we pictured them. However, God delivers what is best for us and what is delivered may be much greater that we even imagined. Be specific, associate the feelings of your dreams and desires already being here which they are and then let go and let God.
5. Remind yourself to be grateful for all that you are and all   that you have
6. Live within the Dynamic Laws of Prosperity. The primary ones at this point are The Law of Forgiveness and the Law of  Giving and Receiving.
7. Use your Prosperity Journal daily. Intend your day in advance. Align your daily intentions with your list of Dreams and Desires and Commitments.
8. Once a week review your Dreams and Desires and add to the list and note entries that may have decreased in importance to you. Give yourself a grade as to how you are doing particularly on achieving your commitments.

Part 2: The Power of Now

This is perfect example of valuable guidance showing up at exactly the right time. Recently I took a day trip to visit some friends about 100 miles south of my home. So I thought it was good time to see what audible books I had downloaded and never listened to. In an instant I noticed the book The Power of Now. I began listening to the book during parts of my drive to and from my friend's place.

In the first 5 minutes of listening to that book I knew how perfectly it fit into Prosperity Now and The Prosperity Tool Chest. I also remembered I had purchased the hard copy of the book and could not explain why I had not read beyond the first couple of chapters. Now I know - I was not ready - until now. And now you are ready to see how the Power of Now fits so perfectly with Prosperity Now.

Eckhart Tolle the author of The Power of Now, demonstrates how being in the moment, being in the now is a direct connect to our Being which is the God within all of us.

Let's examine this idea of being in the now. In the literal meaning of the idea, it is impossible to be thinking of the past and it is impossible to be thinking of the future when you are now. Now means you are totally focused on everything you are experiencing at the moment. Light, air, temperature, surroundings ... you get the idea. These are natural areas of our attention when we start thinking of being in the moment. But what Eckhart is saying is similar to Wayne Dyer's guidance "observe the one who observes" Go within and observe. Be in the now with your breath, you skin, your movement or no movement. Be deep in the now.

If you are driving your car - be in the now. If you are preparing food, be in the now. If you are showing appreciation to those who have provided you electricity, phone and other service by paying them what you agreed to pay, be in the now. If you are meditating, intending in your Prosperity Tool Chest, be in the now.

Think about this - is it possible to feel stress if you are observing yourself in the now? Is it possible to feel angry, anxious, frustrated? I don't believe so because these are feeling of the mind in cooperation with the ego from a view of conscious memory.

Please pay close attention to this: Prosperity Now is not about an in-depth study of Quantum Physics although we will refer to principles of Quantum Physics from time to time. Prosperity Now is not about an in-depth study, analysis and debate about the teachings of very notable spiritual teachers. Although we will refer to the teachings of great spiritual teachers from time to time. Prosperity Now draws upon Universal Laws and the Spiritual Guidance that has been handed down through the ages and proven to give us The Prosperity Tool Chest so we can simply manifest peace by being on purpose every minute of every day.

You will not find us debating our arguing view of philosophers or religious leaders. You will find us focusing consistent on a limited number of laws and principles that make huge difference in our lives on the physical plane. If you read all the pages of several books on The Power of Now I believe you come away with the idea that by being in the now you are connected to God and you living in bliss. Now where have you heard that as a goal before?

How is it that being in the Now results in us being in our inspired state?

How can we manifest our dreams and desires by being in the Now?

My entire purpose for developing Prosperity Now is to bring clarity of understanding to my life. As I do this I share this journey with anyone who seeks. I do this because I have found a gap - a least there is a gap for me. As I read the books of modern day mystics and the guidance by historical spiritual leaders I find myself thinking one of two ideas. First there is acceptance of the material - it makes sense to me. Then there is the opposite. But nowhere except one place have I been guided to a tool that helps me transform my life. The idea of The Prosperity Tool Chest came from Sandra Anne Taylor's book Quantum Success. Her book is action oriented and I align with life changing action.

The primary difference in what Sandra offers in her book and what we are doing now is the process. I believe very few people ever do what Sandra suggests. Why is that? Well there are pages and pages of Success Journal entries suggested by Sandra. For some that is wonderful and I always say please use the tools that work for you. The goal is the outcome which is peace. How you get there is not important. Just get there.

The Prosperity Tool Chest is simple. We address why it works when we review the foundation understanding of Divine Energy being the Source and God within all of us. We then understand the different approaches to explaining what blocks inspiration. Dr Len in Zero Limits explains it as memory and advises cleaning the influences on our conscious and subconscious self. Eckhart Tolle in his book The Power of Now writes about how our mind is our biggest obstacle to our connecting to the Being within.

So here are two people saying the same thing. Essentially our conscious and subconscious self is the basis for our perception of time - time past and time future. When we operate with the incessant focus on the past and the future we drive ourselves nuts. This is not hard to understand at all. If you are in doubt, simply observe your thoughts. Are there any in the Now? Rarely I'll bet!  This is why many people who say they want to be on the enlightened path meditate. I think mediation is wonderful and we use it in Prosperity Now at the start of many of our sessions.

Our opportunity is to go beyond mediation, and live in the now because in a meditative state we are not using our talents to help ourselves and help others in the physical plane. In the meditative state we are listening to God then we move forward and act from a posture of inspiration.

Or do we? I believe we move from a meditative state to one of mind clutter. All the noise of the past and what we are thinking of for the future bursts through soon after we move from a meditative state.

Prosperity Now is a program focused on practical every minute tools to help us realize our pure potentiality and that is achieved when we function in the Now. When we function in the Now we are totally appreciative of everything we encounter. We live the attitude of gratitude. We have manifested the Law of Forgiveness.  We are Divine Love and the Law of Giving and Receiving is a natural part of our being.

The answers for me to the questions are as follows:

1. How does Being In The Now result in us living in a state of Inspiration?  A. The clutter, the blockages are removed and the Divine Energy within us clearly flows. When Divine Energy flows without being sidestepped by all the negative, useless, feeling created by our mind working from memory we are inspired.

2. How does Being In The Now result in us manifesting our dreams and desires? We already know everything in the Universe that we desire is already here for us. In fact we know what God wants for us is far greater than what we dream and desire. Since the fulfillment of our dreams of desires is already here, we are blocking the manifestation of the energy that allows us to experience what it is we intend. Being In The Now means we give no energy to the past except when an experience serves us now. It means we give no energy to the what if's unless we specifically consider the what if's in relation to manifesting an inspired direction.  This means when evaluating alternatives, we already know the answer as to the direction we should take. The clarity is clouded by the noise of our mind. Being In The Now clears the path to Divine Energy and Inspiration. How do we know? We just do. 

The Prosperity Tool Chest Assignment

The Easy Part.

Simply enter your intention to be in the Now every moment of your day. Sure, intend how you will move through your day: talking with people, doing your work, cleaning, laundry, eating and now intend you do all these things totally focused on being in the present. When I said it was easy it is. It is a daily part of your intending process that is now a part of your life manifest at your Prosperity Tool Chest. You don't have to overanalyze, you don't have to study all the books, simply be in the present. Intend to not let the noise, the clutter that comes from the organ of your body we call mind cloud or block the God within. Let Go and Let God! 

The Hardest Part

The hardest part is where you are at now for that is the furthest distance from Being in the now all the time. It only gets better from this point. If you want it to - it will.

An Example of The Opportunity

It is no secret I really enjoy running the beaches of Gulf near my home in Florida. I thought I was getting pretty good at appreciating my environment there - Being In The Now. Since focusing on Being in The Now I felt running on a beach would be a good place to demonstrate Being In The Now. What I discovered was how many times I noticed myself somewhere else even though where I was is one of my most favored places.

When it was time to leave, I concluded I probably was in the Now maybe 10% of the time. What was distracting me: professional challenges, plans for the rest of the weekend including developing this material for the Tuesday night session.  So imagine my focus when I am not at a place I am particularly ecstatic about. Try this for yourself. Don't become upset or disappointed. I suggest looking at the opportunity for clearing energy blocks by being in the Now.


Part 3: Examine a Universal Law

In this session we will explore further the Law of Paradoxical Intent which was first examined in the session on Commitment. The reason for additional time on this law is that I believe all of us to one degree or another has moments of desperation thinking. The stronger the desperation thoughts, the more likely it is we will block or reject exactly what it is we are trying to attract.

 Alternatively, we are likely to attract more of what it is that we trying to get rid of. For example, focusing on losing weight, means you have to attract weight to lose it. Focusing on solving a drinking problem, smoking problem, drug problem, even a prescription medication problem means you attract that which you are wanting to be rid of. 

So what is the guidance here, what do you do each day. Life is not about being on a diet, life is not about avoiding harmful substances. Life is about being energized, on purpose, being secure in who you are, combining your unique talents to optimize who you are. When we are in that state we best serve the physical plane of the Universe.

The one person I have the opportunity to observe every week is Rev. Temple. 90% of the time she delivers a message that resounds with me. 30% of the time she delivers a message that rocks my world. Is the message or the delivery? Several weeks ago she delivered a powerful message and I felt blessed to be in the presence of such Divine Inspiration. Does she feel different on one Sunday vs. another. Of course she does, as her spirit is housed in a physical body with the challenges just like the rest of us. But when she speaks, any challenges diminish as she is on purpose.

On a daily basis I observe myself. How do I feel? What is my energy level? No matter how I feel, when I sit down to prepare for the next Prosperity Now session, I lose track of time. I am also getting better at recognizing what I should be doing more of and less of to feel terrific all the time. The number one opportunity and I'll bet it is the same for you is my thinking. I know if my thinkin is stinkin I am not going to feel well. Guess what the number one tool I use to help me - yes it is my Prosperity Tool Chest. Like I recommend to you I write how I intend to be that day in as much detail as possible and address my intentions in light of my dreams and desires. Like you I am not examining myself and addressing the deathbed question " Steve has your life been a success" and if you are not satisfied with any part of it what would you do different?"

The source of this information is the book Quantum Success by Sandra Anne Taylor. Sandra's work gave me the idea of the Prosperity Now Journal. Every book mentioned in the Prosperity Now series is featured in the Prosperity Resource Books section of the Prosperity Now website.

The Law of Paradoxical Intent has taken me a little time to fully appreciate as it necessary to think in opposite terms. Hopefully for you it will be easier to naturally understand. From Susan's book: "The Law of Paradoxical Intent reflects the Law of Magnetism (Attraction) in warning that you will only get a return on your negative energy. If you are desperate to make something happen, that repulsive vibration with push it away, turning away the very people and situations that might bring your desired outcome. Your desperation therefore creates the paradox - or the opposite - of your original intention, leading you to failure instead of success."

If you are living in desperation, you are not living in happiness. The Law of Paradoxical Intent further clarifies the Law of Detachment. Our goal is to live in peace, happiness and prosperity now. If we defer these feelings and "embrace misery about tomorrow's uncertainty, you shut down your willingness to receive now."

Now let's look at some practical things here so we agree on how to work through periods of quiet desperation.

Step 1. Recognize those areas of your life where you maybe coming from a bit or a lot of desperation. Use your Prosperity Now Journal to make notes as to what areas of your life you may have some desperate thinking.

Step 2. Match up your dreams and desires with that desperation list. Now recognize the areas of desperation is the Law of Paradoxical Intent at work. Recognize that your desperate thinking is blocking you from receiving.

Let's pause and comment on desperate thinking. It is very important to evaluate all areas of your life and expose those area where your thinking is in fact in martyr mode. I am giving up my good now in hopes of receiving it later. You may not realize you have desperate thinking until you examine your belief systems in the areas of health, wealth, relationships, work, spirituality etc.

Step 3. Begin using your daily Prosperity Now Journal entries to remind yourself that you don't need what you desire to be happy and that you are absolutely capable of being happy right now just by changing your state - your thoughts. This is not giving up on your dreams and desires, it is simply releasing the urgency associated with them. Susan details an outstanding example of this in her book when she talks about the experience of being a published author for the first time.

Step 4 Remember we create everything in our lives. It is also true we can release people and things that do not line up with our value system.

Susan summarizes The Law of Paradoxical Intent this way

"The Law of Paradoxical intent points our the underlying paradox of personal achievement: You can get what you want by knowing that you don't need it to be happy! It forces you to shift your focus from desperate intention to a peaceful pursuit. Never send out the energy that you are willing to wait to be happy - just that you are willing to wait for the goal. Needing a particular achievement before you can live with peace and joy creates a desperate energy that is absolute poison to the resonance of success, so be clear about your intentions and fearless in your motivations. Pursue your goals because you want them to enhance an already happy life, not because you'll be miserable without them."

She also writes " Let yourself weave your future with positive energy, creative consciousness and pure intention with no conflicts about all things. Never obsess about one option or solution, and let the desperation go. When your major goal is to live with optimism and trust, your other desires will be met."


At this point I suggest to you that you do not want to miss next week. The session will be amazing and will rock your world - I promise.


 Part 4: Questions and Group Discussion

As a reminder: you can read the books, go to the classes, attend church, but if you don't advance yourself to live on purpose inspired by connecting to our Source, it is unlikely you will live in peace, happiness and bliss. I am sure there are many ways to tools that help accomplish the goal of living on purpose and being at peace knowing you are on purpose regardless of anything that is going on around you. For The Prosperity Tool Chest clearly works. If you use this tool and I mean really use it there is only one possible outcome - the Universe will deliver all that you dream and desire.  Let's pause and I ask each of us to be very focused on any questions that are asked and go to the Source for clarity.

The following is from I Stand For God and is presented to you here:

I wish for you and for myself to to realize and live with the understanding that I am totally responsible for everything in my life - everything and to live a no-limit life. I Stand for God there are no limits.

The materials and resources at this site along with the weekly meetings are all designed to help us get the points of total responsibility and no limit potentiality.

May you experience the unlimited love, health, happiness and prosperity that are yours for the asking.


Prosperity Messenger



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